Smart Home solutions for the whole family

Smart Home solutions for the whole family

Smart solutions from Gira make family life more comfortable all around – from the kitchen to the kids' room.

Gira aims to ensure convenience, security and versatility in all of its products. Versatility is particularly important for families whose members often have different needs. Gira’s smart tech solutions are conceived with an eye towards the future, ensuring sustainable adaptability. It’s about meeting the needs of every family member for a greater quality of life. The right product, for the right person.

For working parents, the Gira DCS mobile app offers a unique solution.

Thanks to Gira’s DCS mobile app, door communication via intercoms such as System 106 and the Gira Home Station just got easier. This data-secure app for your smartphone lets you see who’s at the door, no matter where you are. You can even control physical access to the house remotely.

This can make life easier for working mothers, especially when their children arrive home before them. If the child rings the bell, a notification will appear on your smartphone and you can use the app to let them in. The DCS mobile app is particularly handy if you’re not comfortable letting your child have a physical key. You can also grant others access to your home while you’re not there: cleaners, repair people or delivery persons.

Gira Produkt TKS mobil
Using the encrypted (data-secure) connection of DCS mobile app, you can speak to and let your kids into the house. Even when you’re still at work.

If your teenage son loves music, he’ll love eNet SMART HOME with voice control.

The retrofittable smart home solution, Gira eNet SMART HOME, is a simple alternative to setting up a KNX system. This is thanks to running on Bluetooth and WiFi, so there’s no need to pry open the walls when installing it. ENet lets you control functions like blinds, lighting, heating and even entertainment. You can command it from your smartphone or tablet (using the eNet SMART HOME app) or the Gira G1 control unit. There’s even another option: voice control when combined either with Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant.

Which makes eNet with voice control a great solution for your teenage son whenever he wants to play music (or movies, or indeed anything). It also makes it a great tool for setting up a party scene, instantly. It’ll be a great way of impressing his friends: “Alexa, turn on the Party Playlist!” and off it goes.

Want to play a bit of music? Just ask!

Listen to the news, everywhere: fathers will love the Gira radio.

First-class entertainment is the aim of the game with Gira RDS radio. This piece is quite the eye-catcher when installed on the wall. In terms of design, it’s also very adaptable and fits in with several different design lines from System 55. Listening to the radio isn’t its only trick: you level-up its versatility and function by adding a docking station which charges your smartphone, or plays your favourite music from the speaker.

For parents, the Gira radio may be the perfect solution for their home office. More than a gadget, it is adaptable enough to be installed in almost every room in the house. They can listen to the news on the radio even while in the bathroom or continue in the kitchen if it is installed there.

Simple, classic & hi-tech: The perfect addition to dad’s home office.

Gira’s smart tech solutions keep the whole family happy.

Letting the kids into the house from your desk at work or playing your favourite music just by asking: these are the solutions that Gira offers to make family life that little bit more seamless. Behind the chic design of these products, complex technology works to yield a high level of comfort steered by simple and intuitive operation. Thanks to Gira’s vision of a sustainable future, the personal needs of your family can be met for many years to come.

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