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Smart Home intercoms: always one step ahead

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Gira door intercom systems – DCS mobile

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Between closed and open doors lies a whole world of experiences: warm welcomes, joyful reunions, tearful goodbyes, or just the relief of finally being home after a long day. Through it all, Gira Smart Home intercoms ensure that you’re always prepared for what awaits you – without even opening the door.

Smart Home intercoms by Gira: know exactly who’s at your door.

A good first impression starts at the front door. No matter who is coming to visit – you will see them before they can see you. Gira home intercoms offer various smart features to keep you informed about both invited and unwanted guests. To that end, there are several options available: 

Gira System 106 stands out with its timeless design and modular structure. It allows you to configure door stations according to your individual requirements, e. g. with a video function. For indoors, you may choose between the Gira home station or the surface-mounted video home station 7

You already live in a Smart Home? In that case, you can easily integrate a Gira home intercome into your existing system. Thus, you will have even more flexibility in everyday life: use the Gira Smart Home app to communicate with visitors or let them in while you’re still on the road.  

Not the average intercom doorbell: how to upgrade your system.

Smart Home intercoms are customisable and work either independently or as part of your connected network. In KNX Smart homes, you need the remote access module Gira S1 for installation. This device makes it possible to control the Gira System 106 outdoor intercom directly via Gira G1 or remotely via smartphone. Monitor your entire Smart Home – intercom included – with just one display.  

App-controlled home intercom: stay in the loop, even from afar.

With the Gira TKS mobile app, you don’t have to be home to hear the doorbell ring. As soon as somebody steps in front of your house, the app will send you a notification. You can then use all the functions of the indoor intercom via smartphone: see your visitors on video, talk to them, or even open the door. This kind of remote access requires the Gira TKS-IP gateway, which also enables you to connect your computer or the control unit Gira G1 to your Smart Home intercom.  

Smart Home intercom for outdoors: a system tailored to your household.

Single-family homes, townhouses, apartment buildings: both the Gira System 106 and the Gira surface-mounted door station TX_44 have a modular structure that can easily be adjusted according to your preferences. Gira System 106 provides no less than seven different modules – including voice, camera, and display module. Upon request, you may even integrate the system into your Smart Home network.  

Smart Home intercom for indoors: design and function on demand.

We all know the sense of unease when the doorbell rings although we’re not expecting anyone. With smart door communication systems, there won’t be any more unpleasant surprises: one glance at the intercom’s video display will tell you exactly who wants to come in.  

The Gira Home Station AP Plus is a compact indoor unit, protruding only 21 mm from your wall. If you are aiming for a specific interior aesthetic, you can combine the unit with the Gira design line of your choice. In case you prefer a huge display, we recommend installing the Gira Home Station Video AP7 – either on the wall or unattached. Once connected to your Smart Home network, Gira G1 equally serves as an indoor unit.  

Gira Keyless In: opening doors without keys.

Forgot your keys inside and now you can’t enter your own house? With Gira Keyless In, such mishaps are a thing of the past: just open the door with a personal access code or a biometric fingerprint sensor. All in all, the system allows you to store up to 255 codes and 99 fingerprints.  

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FAQ – frequently asked questions about smart intercom systems.

Why do I need a door intercom?

A (smart) door intercom makes your home life more comfortable and secure in several respects. If visitors arrive while you’re away, you can still talk to them and let them in via smartphone. This proves particularly helpful in case of long-awaited package deliveries. Moreover, home intercoms enable you to safely identify and communicate with strangers while your doors remain locked.  

What is an IP home intercom?

An IP intercom can be connected directly to your phone as well as your home network. You may thus extend your door communication to several devices, including smartphones, tablets, computers, and Gira G1. Combined with the Gira TKS-IP gateway, you’ll be able to access your Smart Home intercom remotely from anywhere.  

How safe are electronic door locks?

Using Gira Keyless In, you can open your front door either via code or fingerprint. Smart technologies render both options highly secure. The code keyboard has a capacitive surface which reacts to the slightest touch, preventing visual marks of wear and tear. The fingerprint sensor is equipped with modern high-frequency technology to reliably identify the right fingerprint – even if the skin is dirty or injured.