Gira KNX Button

Gira KNX Button – Classic control of smart technology.

The Gira KNX button, combining pure simplicity with smart functions.

At first glance our Gira KNX button looks like a classic light switch. However, it can do so much more: i.e., function as a night light or measure room temperature. Matching the Gira System 55 and our F100, it's suitable for projects that prefer a classic look.

Colour Variants

Black matt
Cream white glossy
Pure white glossy
Pure white matt
Stainless Steel

Product Features

Different frame variations are available in numerous shapes and colours.

This product can be networked with other products.

Product for operating blinds, shutters and awnings.

Product for lighting control.

Product for room temperature adjustment.

Lighting level can be adjusted.

This product can operate and control different scenes.

Simple and robust - the ideal switch for simple preferences.

The Gira KNX button is for anyone who appreciates simplicity. And that's exactly what it's designed for. You can choose between a single or double button version, with the choice of signing two or four individual functions. That way, you'll always have full control over your smart home. Thanks to shatterproof plastic and particularly robust stainless steel, the button is designed for wear and tear. A great example would be public buildings.

To enjoy a better overview, you can also get the button with individually printed symbols on it.

Bring light to the dark, thanks to the integrated night light.

The Gira KNX button also shows its advantages in your own home with the integrated night light: For example, it provides some brightness in the hallway or cellar and illuminates a small area around it even when the ceiling lighting is switched off. This also conveys an additional feeling of security at night, especially great for the child's bedroom.

Simply smart: integrated bus coupler and temperature sensor.

Even though the Gira KNX button is designed for the simple requirements of everyday life, it is also a master smart functions. An integrated bus coupler enables the operating element to be integrated into your existing KNX system and networked with any devices. In addition, the integrated temperature sensor allows you to expand the range of functions of your smart home.

The Gira KNX push button is available from your specialist dealer from October 2020