Small server. Great functionality.

The Gira X1 was developed specifically for Smart Homes with a KNX network. It enables you to connect a variety of devices and monitor automated processes via app. Minimum effort for maximum comfort.

Product features

This product creates special, atmospheric lighting.

This products simulates presence, preventing burglary.

Product for operating blinds, shutters and awnings.

Lighting level can be adjusted.

Product for lighting control.

Product for room temperature adjustment.

This product can be networked with other products.

This product can be controlled with an app via smartphone or tablet.

This product can operate and control different scenes.

Product for the contorl of media (music, TV, etc.).

This product reacts to a voice command in combination with the Alexa Voice Assistant.

Gira Smart Home app: more functions for more possibilities.

Using the Gira Smart Home app, you can keep your home in check with your smartphone or tablet. Thanks to an extensive update, you now have an even wider range of options: personalise your interface, set up complete scenes, or add Philips Hue lamps to your smart system. You may also integrate IoT switches (short for „Internet of Things“) that activate appliances such as robotic vacuum cleaners.

Audio functions can now be combined with a timer so that they run according to automated schedules. The Sonos systems S1 and S2 are compatible with the Gira Smart Home app as well.

Create entire scenes for any occasion.

KNX systems allow you to connect different devices and synchronize their processes. This way, you can configure so-called “scenes” to set the right mood on different occasions. How about a home-theatre scene for cosy nights in, for example: lights in your living room are dimmed, blinds are lowered, and the TV is turned on. All this will happen at once, as soon as you activate the scene via app, switch, or voice command.  

Integrate Philips Hue lights into your smart system.

You’re already using Philips Hue lamps at home? With the Gira X1 app, you can easily add them to your KNX network. A few swipes are enough to precisely adjust your lights and incorporate them into your favourite scenes.

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How the Gira X1 accomodates your daily routines.

Lights on, off, or dimmed. Blinds up or down according to automated schedules. Perfect indoor temperatures at any time of day. These are just some of the benefits that the Gira X1 server offers: all the smart functions you need, combined in one smart network.

Flexible lighting control.

Want to turn single lamps on and off, or coordinate several lamps for one scene? Your Gira KNX system will adjust the lighting exactly how you need it – in any room, at any time. There are several control options: via switch, app, the central unit Gira G1, or voice command. Apart from the level of brightness, you can also change the light colour.

Intelligent blind control.

Thanks to the Gira X1, you don‘t even have to think about adjusting the blinds – your system will take over for you. The Gira weather station Plus for KNX is equipped with smart sensors recording parameters such as wind speed and direction, outdoor temperatures, and brightness levels. Your blinds will be lowered or raised depending on the current time of day and weather condition. Alternatively, you can also set automated schedules via app.

Future-proof temperature control.

Want to ensure that your house is never over- or underheated? The Gira X1 server makes it easy to regulate indoor temperatures. You can either monitor your heating system remotely via smartphone – or just let your Smart Home do the work. Once you’ve set up individual schedules, each room will be kept at the desired temperature automatically. You may also use the Gira X1 to control air conditioning at home. Another plus for energy-efficient households: the app provides an overview on the consumption data of your heating system and any other device within your KNX network.    

You decide how to stay in charge: Gira G1, app, switches, or voice command.

There are many ways to use the Gira X1 server in everyday life. Apart from smart switches and the app’s intuitive interface, you can rely on voice assistants – or the Gira G1. This central unit is directly connected to your home’s power grid to monitor a wide range of smart functions: lighting, heating, blinds, entertainment, or door communication.

Complete control from anywhere.

Whether you’re lying on the couch, running errands, or going on vacation – the Gira X1 enables you to keep a close watch on your Smart Home. All you need is a smartphone or tablet, along with the Gira S1: the remote-access module connects your Gira X1 server to mobile devices. You can thus monitor single functions as well as interconnected processes. The Gira Smart Home app enables you to mark single devices with individual icons and assign them to different rooms or systems.

Other user-friendly features include:

  • prominent display of both indoor and outdoor temperatures

  • customisable parameters (f. ex. setpoint limit for room temperatures)

  • collective display of all timers

  • option to switch between two modes of operation (astro function or random function)

Tested security.

Given that internet security plays a significant role in the Smart Home, the Gira X1 server is armed with solid security measures against threats from the internet. This has been confirmed by the VDE Institute, which tests whether IT security has been effectively implemented. Having successfully passed the test, Gira X1 was awarded the “Smart Home – Information Security Tested” certification by the Institute.

The Gira X1 KNX server is displayed next to a VDE certification logo for smart home information security, from May 2024.
Tested and awarded the VDE safety certificate: the Gira X1.

Wireless heating control with Gira X1 + tado°.

Usually, you need new cables or different radiators for flexible heating control in KNX Smart Homes. Thanks to the Gira X1 combined with the new tado° module, there’s now another option: the smart radio-based thermostats from tado° can be added to existing Gira KNX systems without additional cabling.

This makes it easy to retrofit a wireless heating solution for anyone who owns a Gira X1 server.  

Voice control with Amazon Alexa und the Google Assistant.

Tired of fumbling for light switches in the dark? Or feeling too exhausted to get up from the couch and turn on your TV? In a KNX Smart Home, all it takes is your voice. Lights, blinds, room temperature controllers, or entertainment devices will react immediately upon your command. The Gira X1 server makes it possible – together with Gira S1 and the voice assistant of your choice. You can integrate either Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant into your KNX system.

Connected to the Google Assistant, a KNX Smart Home follows your voice commands.

Gira X1 update for maximum flexibility.

Upon delivery, the Gira X1 includes 250 different functions. Need even more options? Then you can purchase an additional update with either 125 or 250 extra functions through the Gira app shop. The Gira X1 server is therefore equally suitable for projects beyond the scope of single-family homes.

Smart music control via Gira X1 + sonoro

Connect the Gira X1 with selected sonoro products and enjoy optimum stereo sound in your home. Stream high-quality music wirelessly via Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay or Chromecast with the Meisterstück (Gen.2) all-in-one audio system. In addition to CD and radio, the Maestro Quantum hi-res audio internet receiver also offers a record player connection.

With the Gira Smart Home app, you not only control the volume, you can also navigate between tracks and personal playlists and access numerous streaming services such as Spotify (Connect) or Amazon Music.

Gira X1