Smart outdoor solutions: high-tech and weatherproof

Gira motion detector Cube

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Gira motion detectors for outdoor use

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Lighting for the pathway to your house, a door intercom at the entrance, water-protected socket outlets in the garden. Gira solutions for outdoors will keep your whole property safe and comfortable – and ensure that it looks good, too.

How to install smart outdoor lighting.

Poorly lit footpaths or doorways can quickly turn into a tripping hazard when darkness falls. At the same time, they make it easy for burglars to approach your house undetected.   

With the right outdoor lighting solutions, you won’t have to worry about these dangers anymore. As soon as someone enters your property, lights are switched on automatically. The advantage: you and welcome visitors will safely get to your door at nighttime. Unwelcome visitors, on the other hand, will be scared off by the sudden exposure.   

Proper outdoor lighting should make your house number visible from the pavement on your street. Likewise, the pathway and driveway should be equally lit. To protect your home from burglars, we recommend installing smart outdoor lighting around obscured areas in your garden. Solutions such as the Gira motion detector Cube or Gira light and energy profiles are particularly suited for that purpose.  

Gira motion detectors: maximum security, even outside your home.

You don’t always need a switch to find your way through the dark. Gira motion sensors will detect any movement in reach and promptly turn on your smart garden lighting – ensuring energy is only spent when necessary. The standard Gira System 3000 motion detector monitors smaller areas such as your entrance or pathways. If you would like to cover larger areas, the Gira motion detector Cube (a name derived from its unique shape) is a good choice. This smart outdoor device monitors areas at an angle of up to 240° and a distance of 16 metres. Thanks to a compatible interface, you may also integrate the motion detector into your KNX system.  

Gira light & energy profiles: setting the mood outdoors.

Whether it be the footpath in your garden, the driveway, or your terrace: creating a welcome atmosphere is just as important as maintaining high security standards. Gira light and energy profiles meet both needs. For one, they illuminate your property once daylight has faded. Moreover, the profiles can be combined with smart outdoor socket outlets. You will thus have a convenient power supply for garden activities during the day and enjoy a warm lighting all around your house at night.  

Smart outdoor communication: no more unpleasant surprises.

Oftentimes, the average doorbell is not enough to provide a sense of safety. After all, you still don’t know who actually rang it until you open the door – unless you have a smart outdoor communication device installed at the entrance. The Gira door station includes both an intercom and a video function. Together with Gira System 106, you will benefit from many other convenient features. By way of example, you can monitor the entire door communication via smartphone. Opening doors, switching on outdoor lighting, or speaking to your visitors – even while you are away from home.  

Smart outdoor socket outlets: power supply whenever and wherever necessary. 

Apart from lighting, you also need a reliable access to electricity in your garden. From lawnmowers and hedge trimmers to laptops and barbecues – there are numerous gadgets you might use outside whenever the weather allows it. Therefore, we recommend installing smart outdoor socket outlets on your balcony, terrace, or in the garden. Outlets from the Gira TX_44 series will remain impervious to rain and dirt: their robust frames, complete with hinged lids and pushbutton switches, are protected against water and other small particles in line with IP44 standards. Another advantage: Gira outdoor socket outlets can be integrated into the Gira light and energy profiles.  

Safety, comfort, ambiance: how to plan your smart outdoor lighting.

To equip your property with the right lighting system, you should first ask yourself: which areas do I want to highlight for aesthetic reasons, and which areas must be lit to keep my home safe? In case your light sources are exposed to varying weather conditions, we recommend smart outdoor devices with a protection standard of at least IP44. You should also consider whether you can rely on an existing power supply or need to set up a new one. Lastly, think about the different options of lighting control: would you like to use only motion detectors? Or do you want to have manual switches as well? Smart Homes allow you to implement either or both of these options, according to your preferences.  

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FAQ – frequently asked questions about smart outdoor technology.

Which kind of motion detectors are suitable for outdoors?

Depending on the size of the area that needs to be lit, there are different kinds of motion detectors available. If you just want smart outdoor lights for your garden pathway, a simple solution such as the Gira System 3000 motion sensor will do the trick: it detects movements of people passing by and automatically turns on the lights. In case you would like to monitor another area, we recommend the Gira motion detector cube. This device detects thermal movements at angles of up to 240° and distances of up to 16 metres. It proves particularly suitable for home owners who want to integrate their smart outdoor lighting into their KNX network.  

Is there a motion detector that reacts only to human movements?

The Gira motion detector Cube will only turn on the lights if a person walks by. This is possible thanks to a precise monitoring of thermal movements, which also takes the surrounding brightness into account. Hence, faulty switching caused by wind or small animals will not occur.  

Which IP protection standard is required for smart outdoor socket outlets and switches?

For outdoor spaces, you need socket outlets and switches with a protection standard of at least IP44. These devices will remain resistant to water splashes and dirt particles with a minimum diameter of one millimetre. To meet this requirement, we offer the Gira switch series TX_44, which has been designed specifically for outdoor use.