Gira weather station Plus for KNX

Stay comfortable inside at any time of day, throughout any season.

Sunshine, wind, rain, snow – no matter what the weather may bring, your home will be prepared. The Gira weather station Plus for KNX has proven particularly convenient, safe, and efficient. It measures nine different meteorological parameters and transmits the current data to the in-house KNX system. Paired devices then react accordingly: if the sun starts shining, blinds are automatically lowered. If it gets stormy, they are pulled back again. Once it gets dark, the shutters close and the outdoor lighting switches on. All that's left for you to do is lean back and relax.

Product features

Product for operating blinds, shutters and awnings.

Product for room temperature adjustment.

This product can be networked with other products.

This product is suitable for retrofitting.

Gira KNX Wetterstation Plus für KNX
The Gira weather station Plus for KNX measures nine meteorological parameters and transmits the data to your KNX system.

Measured values of a smart weather station.

The weather station Plus for KNX is a true genius when it comes to recording and calculating. It records wind speed and direction, precipitation, temperature, twilight, relative humidity, and air pressure. Four sensors determine brightness levels based on direction. In addition, you can check the absolute humidity, sensed temperature, and thermal comfort. The weather station calculates the current position of the sun at any time via the built-in GPS/GLONASS receiver. Blinds are aligned with the same precision, both in terms of the hanging height and the positioning of the slats.

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The Gira weather station Plus for KNX also has a global radiation sensor, which records the energy input on the roof. This proves particularly convenient for owners of a solar system: you can check whether it is working correctly or requires maintenance. The radiation sensor monitors itself and will report any errors. Of course, you can monitor the system yourself as well: on the Gira G1 display or your tablet, you'll find all relevant data at a glance.