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Smart lighting control – via app, voice command, or fingertip

Manual lighting control

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More than just on or off: modern technology enables you to configure everything in between. Explore the many possibilities of smart lighting control made by Gira: from conventional switches to wireless networks.

Smart Home lighting systems: what Gira has to offer.

With the right Gira products, you can illuminate every single room according to your individual needs – not only via switch. The Gira Smart Home app makes it easy to turn off the lights, even after you already left the house. Alternatively, you may also set schedules to ensure that your lights will turn on and off at certain times.  

But smart lighting control goes far beyond that: thanks to integrated motion control, lightings in hallways or outdoors will only be turned on if necessary. Of course, you can always just use the switch instead: a single fingertip (or swipe, in case of the Gira System 3000 touch top unit) is enough to set the mood.  

Smart app-controlled ligths: stay in charge at home and on the go.

In Smart Homes, you can regulate your lighting with a digital interface. Gira apps allow you to control every light installed at your house with one device. Depending on your daily routines, there are various possibilities: smart dimming, changing the colour shade, or home lighting automation with specific schedules and scenes. All it takes is a smartphone or tablet – and it doesn’t matter whether you are at home or far away. Gira offers three systems that include the option remote lighting control via app: 

Voice-activated lights: tell your Smart Home what to do.

The most intuitive form of smart lighting control is voice command. With a few spoken words, you can turn your lights on or off and adjust the brightness or colour. This requires nothing more than integrating the voice assistant Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant into your KNX or Gira eNet SMART HOME system. After that, you won’t even need a switch or smartphone to control your lighting. Just say, “Alexa, turn on the lights in the living room,” or “Hey Google, please dim the bedroom lights” – and your Smart Home will promptly do as you say.  

Lighting control in KNX Smart Homes: connected through and through.

KNX Smart Homes allow for a high degree of flexibility: lights can be configured via switches, voice assistants, smartphone, or the control unit Gira G1. At home, you can choose whatever feels more convenient: if there is a switch in reach, just press it. While relaxing on the couch, use the voice assistant instead. And when you are away, you can always rely on your app.  

For those who prefer smart lighting control via switches, Gira has developed special variants compatible with KNX systems: 

Wireless lighting control: smart without cables.

With Gira System 3000 and Gira eNet SMART HOME, you don’t need any cabling to take charge of your lights. This makes it easy to retrofit smart switches, smart lamps, or your entire house.  Just exchange your conventional switches with Smart Home switches of the respective system.  

Of course, wireless lighting control also works via app. Gira eNet SMART HOME allows you to integrate your voice assistant of choice as well.  

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FAQ – frequently asked questions about smart lighting control.

How can I control my (smart) lighting?

Depending on your personal preferences, your can control smart lighting in several ways:  

  • switches 

  • motion detectors 

  • app (on your smartphone or tablet) 

  • voice assistant 

Compared to conventional buildings, Smart Homes allow for a lighting control that is perfectly tailored to your personal needs – from classic switches to the app and the voice assistant of your choice.  

How does smart lighting control work?

In Smart Homes, your lights are connected by Gira X1 or the Gira HomeServer. This means that they can be controlled with one central panel. To that end, you may use smart switches, apps, or voice assistants alternately. Remote lighting control is equally feasible.  

Which app should I use for smart lighting control?

Each Smart Home system has its own app that enables you to control lightings via smartphone. Gira Smart Homes are compatible with the following apps:  

  • Gira eNet SMART HOME app for iOS and Android 

  • Gira System 3000 bluetooth app for iOS and Android 

  • Gira X1 app for iOS and Android 

  • Gira HomeServer app for iOS and Android