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Gira Smart Homes – when your house thinks for itself

Gira System 3000

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We create living spaces in a world between on and off. Configuring cold, warm, bright, dark, loud, or silent. From home and anywhere else. Via voice command or smartphone app. We are the ones with the switches. But we are so much more.

The many facets of Gira Smart Homes.

Smart Homes connect lightingblindsheating, and even household appliances with each other so that you can control everything with one device. This allows for a high degree of flexibility: Monitor your home either via smart switches, voice command, or the digital interface of Gira Smart Home apps. Thus, you will know exactly what is going on in your house – whether you are lying on your couch or running errands.  

Smart technologies also take on tedious chores, leaving you with more free time on your hands: Home automation systems will make sure that certain tasks are carried out precisely when you need it. For example, your mornings might look something like this: At a certain time, your blinds open automatically so that you are woken up gently by the sunlight. Simultaneously, the radio will start playing and the coffee machine will start brewing your coffee – all while you are still in bed. You won’t need to worry about anything, except maybe what you would like to have for breakfast.  

Smart features like these not only make everyday life more convenient, but also reduce your energy consumption. Your Smart Home switches off your lighting, heating, and appliances automatically once you left the house or in case you forgot to switch them off. To that end, special sensors monitor their environment and react immediately to changes in brightness, temperature, humidity etc. Your Smart Home thereby prevents any unnecessary use of energy – without you having to even lift a finger.  

We are Gira. We are the ones with the switches. But we are so much more. Smart Home pioneers, designers, and Captain Future.

Smart Home Systems by Gira: many possibilities, one solution.

With the help of Gira products, you can use your smart house exactly how you need it – in any situation. Installing wireless systems in older buildings or apartments is just as feasible as integrating wired KNX systems into new buildings. This allows you to control your lighting, heating, blinds, and numerous other smart features within one, unified system.   

For retrofittings, we recommend Gira System 3000 including the basics of lighting, blind, and heating control. Its installation requires nothing but switch inserts with the preferred function. You may control the system either via switch or via Bluetooth, using your smartphone or tablet.  

If you are looking for a broader range of functions, the wireless Gira eNet SMART HOME is a good option. This system enables you to include household appliances as well. Thanks to wireless technology, you can easily connect various devices.  

For those who want to explore the full scope of Smart Home comfort, the Gira KNX system will leave no wish unfulfilled. It operates through special data cables that that are compatible with all types of devices at your house.  

Better connected: the basis of your Smart Home.

Setting up an integrated network, configuring automated processes via IFTTT, and controlling your entire technology with one Smart Home device: Thanks to Gira X1 and the Gira HomeServer, this is no longer a futuristic fantasy. Smart Home servers even make it easy to integrate other systems, such as the door intercom Gira System 106

Smart Home control: take charge via switch, voice command, or app.

Control your entire home technology with just one fingertip: Intuitively via smart switch or via the digital interface of Gira G1. Of course, you can use the app on your smartphone as well. All options can be combined and interchanged as you wish. You decide when, where, and how to control your Smart Home.   

Our Smart Home product range includes fitting switches for KNX systems, Gira eNet SMART HOME, or Gira System 3000. Several variants are compatible with the designs of Gira System 55. You can therefore be sure to find switches that match your personal interior style.  

Smart Home lighting: regulating on, off, and a whole world in-between.

Smart Home lighting offers a variety of options. Apart from switching lights “on” or “off,” you may also dim them to set the mood exactly how you want it: With the Gira Smart Home app and the control panel Gira G1, your lighting is literally at your fingertips.  

You would like to control your lighting with conventional switches? No problem, either. After all, Gira Smart Home switches can be connected to all types of systems in your house. Plus, the unique design variants of the Gira System 55 will blend in harmoniously on any wall.  

In modern living spaces, classic switches and Smart Home systems coexist and complement each other.

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Smart climate control: feel good and save energy.

Neither too hot, nor to cold, but just right: With smart heating control, you will enjoy perfect temperatures whenever you are home. Using the time switching function, you can determine when your house will or won’t be heated throughout the day. Thanks to sensors integrated into the switches, your Smart Home always knows how much heating is needed to reach your desired temperature – and when to stop. Hence, you can keep your energy expenditure (and subsequent costs) at a bare minimum.  

Smart Home security: staying safe 24/7.

Most accidents take us completely by surprise. For instance, would you expect your house to catch fire or be broken into at a certain point in time? Of course, we don’t want to spend our day worrying about worst case scenarios. Nevertheless, we still need to be prepared in case anything might happen. This is where your Smart Home comes in handy: From data security to protection against fire or burglaries, you can integrate various devices into your system.   

Thanks to the safety module Gira S1, it is possible to monitor your Smart Home from anywhere through an encrypted connection. This prevents unauthorised parties from accessing your private data.  

At home, you can easily avoid unwanted guests with the help of a modern door station. The camera module of Gira System 106 allows you to see who is ringing your bell, even before you open the door. Installing smoke detectors throughout your Smart Home is also an option.  

Thus, you will be informed immediately about any emergency – even when you are far away.   

Upgrading your Smart Home: how to stay flexible.

Apart from brand new houses, older buildings can equally benefit from Smart Home technology. To that end, we recommend wireless systems such as Gira System 3000 and Gira eNet SMART HOME. Since the data is transmitted without cables, these systems can be retrofitted without any expensive renovations.  

While the Gira System 3000 connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, Gira eNet SMART HOME can be integrated into your WiFi network. That way, it becomes easy to upgrade your Smart Home whenever necessary. No need to plan everything in advance: Just start by installing smart technology in one room, and then continue from there.  

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FAQ – frequently asked questions about Smart homes.

What are the benefits of living in a Smart Home?

Smart Homes enable you to control lighting, heating, blinds, and various other devices in your household through one unified system. Hence, everyday life becomes easier in various respects: Turning devices on or off and performing tasks automatically, your Smart Homes takes care of many time-consuming chores. By way of example, it will activate the robotic vacuum cleaner in regular intervals or start the garden irrigation system if there hasn’t been any rain for a while. During colder months, it will automatically turn on the heating and turn it off at the right time to save energy. You can set so-called “routines” to determine when certain functions will be active.  

Elderly or physically impaired residents will particularly benefit from controlling all devices remotely and via voice command.  

Safety is another huge advantage of living in a Smart Home. Smoke detectors and door stations can easily be integrated and controlled via Gira Smart Home apps.  

All benefits at a glance: 

  • more comfort 

  • more security 

  • higher energy efficiency  

  • higher quality of life, especially for elderly and physically impaired residents  

What do I need to set up a Smart Home?

In order to set up the best Smart Home system possible, you will need the following components: 


  • gateway (e. G. Gira X1 or Gira HomeServer) 

  • operating devices such as switches, Gira G1, Smart Home app 

  • actors such as lamps, blinds, sound systems, household appliances etc.  

  • sensors, e. g. to assess the room temperature, level of humidity or brightness etc.  

  • wired network (KNX bus cable) or wireless system (e. g. WiFi) 

How do Smart Home devices work?

To ensure that different devices communicate with each other and connect to one central control panel, you need one server that as a common interface. This server transmits signals from operating devices (e. g. switches or Smart Home app) to actors (e. g. lamps, blinds, and household appliances).  

Which devices can I control in a Smart Home?

Smart Houses allow you to control lighting, blinds, and heating with one central control panel – or let them operate automatically. In addition, you may also integrate the best Smart Home devices for domestic chores or entertainment, including: 

  • vacuum cleaners 

  • loudspeakers 

  • TV screens 

  • washing machines 

  • coffee machines 

  • … and so much more.