Smart Home Security: Feeling Safe, No Matter What.

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Gira Smoke Alarm Devices

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More than just on or off: protecting what you love and keeping dangers out. This is what Smart Home security made by Gira will do for you. We are the ones with the switches. But we are so much more.

How to make your Smart Home more secure.

One fully integrated security system that operates through one control panel and alerts you in case of emergency, from smoke detectors and door intercoms to weather stations: With Gira, you can reach exactly the level of security in your Smart Home that you (and your loved ones) need.    

To protect your house from fire and burglaries, we recommend a combination of Gira smoke detectors and the Gira home station. Smart sensors will register early signs of smoke or heat and sound the alarm immediately. Door intercoms with camera modules, on the other hand, allow you to see who’s at the door even before you open it. For that purpose, the modular Gira System 106 can be configured to meet your individual requirements.  

Outside, Smart Home security devices such as the Gira motion detector Cube will guide you along the way, even in the dark.  

Gira smoke alarm devices: reliable warnings in due time. 

Want to make sure that you will know about any signs of smoke and fire before the damage is done? Gira smoke alarm devices protect your house 24/7. Thanks to scattered-light measurements, the Basic Q smoke detector alerts you early on with a loud, penetrating sound of 85 dB – a volume level which even exceeds that of running motorbikes. Moreover, the Smart Home security device Dual Q is equipped with thermal sensors to detect any rapid development of heat inside.  

Good to know: In our article on the installation of smoke detectors, you can find a lot of helpful tips and tricks to make your home fire-proof. 

Gira home stations: keeping strangers outside.

Image you are home alone and someone rings your bell – but you are not expecting anyone? No need to worry, as long as you have a smart security camera module installed at your home: the Gira home station allows you to see who’s at the door, without opening it first. This device serves as the counterpart to Gira System 106, an outdoor intercom station which is installed at the front entrance. You can decide whether you want to open your door or rather speak to the visitor from inside. In case you already have a Smart Home, the door intercom security system can easily be retrofitted.  

Outside the house, smart lighting control will lead you (and invited guests) along the way up to your door. At the same time, they make it hard for burglars to hide in the dark.  

Gira orientation lights: guiding you safely through the dark.

Accidents at home are just as common as they are avoidable. A few unobtrusive Smart Home security devices, placed at the right spots, will help you prevent bumps, falls, and other (potentially painful) mishaps. By way of example, you may install Gira LED orientation lights on the walls of your hallway and staircase. Their small, indirect lighting will ensure that you can move around with ease at dawn or nighttime.   

Gira KNX weather stations: Smart Home security in any season.

Rain, thunderstorms, snow, blizzards: the Gira KNX weather station Plus protects your house even under extreme conditions. In case of strong winds, the marquee will be retracted automatically to prevent possible damage. Likewise, the KNX Smart Home security system alerts garden gadgets such as robotic lawn mowers and smart irrigation systems about pending weather changes. These will subsequently remain turned off until the sky clears up again.  

FAQ – frequently asked questions about Smart Home security.

How secure are Smart Homes?

In KNX Smart Homes, the encrypted connectivity standard KNX Secure provides a high degree of safety and inhibits unauthorised access for strangers. In addition, we recommend using the security module Gira S1 for Smart Home monitoring from afar. This device will also help you keep unwanted intruders away.  

How can I protect my house from burglars?

In general, always remember to close all windows and keep your keys in a secure place whenever you are away. Furthermore, take measures to deter potential intruders: your Smart Home security system can simulate a presence at the house, even if it actually stays empty for several days or weeks. Smart outdoor lighting proves equally effective: It detects movement on your property, helps you find your way in the dark and exposes unwanted visitors early on.