Gira System 55

Unlimited flexibility in every way: choose from a variety of functions and designs.

With the Gira System 55, switches and socket outlets can be easily adapted to any design wish. Like a modular system, the cover frame and switch insert are assembled and can be exchanged at any time thanks to the uniform size of the inserts. Eleven design lines with over 90 cover frame designs offer endless combination options. Also available: Functional inserts such as the Gira radio or the USB power supply.

Gira Produkt Profil55
The uniform dimensions of the switch insert allow combinations with up to 90 frame designs.

How does the Gira System 55 work?

The innovative concept of the Gira System 55 enables easy replacement of cover frames and inserts in new and old buildings. This is because the functional insert has a uniform, square basic dimension of 55 x 55 mm. It is therefore sufficient to choose a single cover frame into which different inserts with different functions can be integrated. In addition, a door intercom system with an integrated video camera can also be incorporated into the living situation.

Over 300 functions in the design of your choice

With more than 300 functional inserts, the Gira System 55 offers plenty of scope for individual combinations. Inserts for light, blind, heating and room climate control, socket outlets, the Gira home station and a wide range of mains connections are available for this purpose.

Round or square? Pure white, black or coloured? Plastic or stainless steel? The sky's the limit.

The Gira System 55 not only adapts to your requirements for switches, socket outlets and mains connections, but can also be matched to almost any interior thanks to a large selection of materials, colours and designs. The Gira E2 design series in particular blends harmoniously into a minimalist style of living with its linear styling. In addition, the functional insert can be connected with the cover frames from the Gira Standard 55, Gira E3, Gira Esprit, Gira Event and Gira ClassiX and Gira TX_44 design lines.

Cleverly combining functions

Profile 55 is the ideal choice if several functions, such as switches, socket outlets and the Gira radio, are to be positioned in one place in a practical strip. Existing electrical connections can be easily extended and connected to each other without opening up the wall. Another advantage: The functional inserts and cover frames from the Gira System 55 also fit perfectly into the aluminium profile.