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Welcome to a world where we control loud and silent via voice command, turn on our favourite playlist via smartphone, and adjust the lighting via fingertip. Experience the full range of options in-between “on” and “off” with Smart Home entertainment systems designed by Gira.

Smart Home entertainment: make the most of every moment.

Listening to music, watching films, playing games – your house should be the place where you can enjoy all the things you love. At any time, in any room. Gira solutions provide smart entertainment that takes everyday life to a whole new level. Standard multimedia plugs for every application or sophisticated networks: you decide how to connect your home.  

Smart music control with KNX: the next playlist is just a fingertip away.

In Smart Homes, you can play music either via smartphone, the Gira G1 control unit, or voice command. In either case, it is up to you whether the sound will be turned on in the entire house or just in single rooms. Gira KNX Smart Homes hold the label “Works with Sonos” to guarantee the highest audio quality possible. Simply put, this means that you can easily integrate Sonos loudspeakers into your smart entertainment network. In addition, we recommend the Gira Radio RDS to play our favourite radio stations at home. The device can be mounted on the wall right next to your switches.  

Smart lighting control: on, off, and everything in between with a hint of magic.

Enjoy the perfect ambiance on any occasion with smart lighting solutions by Gira. Festive get-togethers in the dining room, relaxed movie nights at your home theatre, or disco fever with a play of colours in the living room. In Smart Homes, all it takes is one fingertip to create the atmosphere that fits your current mood. As control units, you can use either Gira G1 or your smartphone. The digital surface allows you to adjust the brightness and lighting tone exactly how you need it at any given moment.

Multimedia interfaces for smart entertainment: TV, Hi-Fi & Co.

Smart Homes allow you to wire all types of devices and thus enjoy a perfectly tuned experience. This also applies to smart entertainment: with the help of multimedia interfaces, you can transmit audio, visual, and network signals through your walls (rather than laying loose cables). Both digital and analogue interfaces can be connected to all conventional plugs of Hi-Fi systems, televisions, and computers. Multimedia socket outlets are compatible with Gira System 55. Hence, you may combine them with Gira design lines such as Gira E2 and Gira Esprit to accommodate your personal style.  

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