Angela Mitarbeitende

“People react intuitively. Why don’t our houses too?”

Azubi Paul Stück

“Meticulousness is our passion and starts with our training.”


“Innovation is the aim. Longevity the basic premise”

Aynur Ausbildung

“Learning is not a rigid concept, it’s a labour of love.”


“How do you make a statement with a socket outlet?”

Our work areas

The areas of activity and job profiles at Gira are just as diverse and exciting as the people who work for our company – people who bring very different talents to the table.

Work areas

Sarah from Business Development Sales likes to think one step ahead.

People at Gira

Getting started & applying

Whether you’re a school or college student, graduate or experienced professional – there are a number of different ways you can start your career at Gira.

Wherever your Gira journey begins, you can look forward to interesting tasks and plenty of prospects for further development.

Getting started & applying

You can expect these benefits with us.

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This is us

We are the ones with the switches, but we’re so much more.

At Gira, people are at the heart of everything we do. Our declared goal, both in 1905, the year we were founded, and today, is to make life and living more convenient, secure and energy efficient.

Brand and culture