Gira G1

The central control unit: all you need is your intuition.

Random switching operations for lights and blinds create the impression that someone is at home. And if you integrate the room temperature controller into the control unit, you can easily set your individual room temperature.

Colour variants

Glass black
Glass white

Product features

This product creates special, atmospheric lighting.

Product for operating blinds, shutters and awnings.

Lighting level can be adjusted.

Product for lighting control.

Product for room temperature adjustment.

This product can be networked with other products.

This product can operate and control different scenes.

This product is suitable for retrofitting.

Product for the contorl of media (music, TV, etc.).

blind control with Gira G1
Smart control in elegant design: the Gira G1.

Tailored to your needs.

Gira G1 is not only suitable as an operating device for a KNX installation with Gira X1 or Gira HomeServer, but also for controlling the eNet SMART HOME. In this way, it becomes an intelligent central operating unit in any smart home and is equally suitable for modernisation projects, retrofits, and new builds.

Gira G1 in eNet Smart Home
The Gira G1 enhances your living comfort in a Gira eNet SMART HOME as well.

Encrypted connection with KNX Secure.

Carefree operation thanks to encrypted connection with KNX Secure In order that you can operate your Smart Home without worries, KNX Secure secures communication between the Gira G1 operating device and all other KNX Secure-capable devices. Thanks to this encrypted and tamper-proof connection, you can be absolutely certain of maintaining full control of your system at all times – without having to fear unwanted external intervention.

With the Gira G1, your personal data remain protected against unauthorised access.
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