Gira System 3000 touch top unit

Tap and swipe: control your lights and blinds intuitively.

Switching without a switch, using digital surface instead. The Gira System 3000 touch top unit combines the standard "on" and "off" functions with a dimming function: a quick touch or swipe is enough to carry out slight adjustments.

Product features

Lighting level can be adjusted.

Product for lighting control.

Product for room temperature adjustment.

Different frame variations are available in numerous shapes and colours.

This product is suitable for retrofitting.

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Touch-sensitive surfaces with smart functions.

Three touch buttons and a slider surface help you precisely control your lighting and blinds. Alternatively, you can just use your smartphone. A simple finger swipe up or down is enough to adjust your settings – regulating brightness or repositioning your window shades.

Gira System 3000 Touchaufsatz
Three touch-sensitive buttons and a slider surface enable precise control of light and blinds.

A smart device that never forgets: recall your settings with one touch.

Once you have found your ideal brightness or the perfect position for your blinds, you can save them in the touch attachment. The memory function will store and reactivate them as required. All it takes is a light touch.

Gira System 3000 Touchaufsatz
Tap or swipe: the Gira System 3000 touch top unit makes it easy to adjust your lights and blinds.

State-of-the-art technology meets high-quality design.

Due to its flat shape, the Gira System 3000 touch top unit blends in seamlessly. The illuminated touch surfaces give the device a modern appeal and help you read the display in the dark. Compatible with Gira System 55, the touch top unit can be combined with any Gira frame of your choice. How about a timeless look, such as the Gira E2 design line? Or an elegant variant like Gira Esprit? Feel free to choose whatever works best with your own interior style.

Illuminated touch and slider surfaces allow excellent orientation even in darkness.

The smart addition to Gira System 3000.

Want to use the touch top unit for lighting and blinds as well? Gira System 3000 makes it easy to replace your existing installation with new light and blind control devices.