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Smart blind control: perfect shade at any time of day

Automated blind control

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App-controlled blinds

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In a world between on and off, we are the ones who keep the sunlight at bay. You decide how dark or bright your home will be throughout the day – with a single fingertip or pre-set schedules. Our smart blind control systems help you stay comfortable in any weather, all the while reducing your energy expenditure.

Blind control in Smart Homes: maximum flexibility, minimal effort.

A few minutes ago, it was still pouring outside. Now bright sunshine is hurting your eyes and heating up your house rapidly. No reason to worry though: With Gira smart blind control, your window shades can be easily adjusted to fit your current mood. Alternatively, you may also let your Smart Home take over and keep out the sunlight automatically – even when you are not there yourself. Gira offers different systems that allow for smart blind control via switch, voice command, or app: 

App-controlled blinds: stay connected from anywhere.

Whether you are busy with work or just enjoying some downtime on the couch – as long as you have your smartphone at hand, you can check or change the position of your blinds anytime.  

With the Gira System 3000, you set up a Bluetooth connection between the blind switch and your phone. Now, you can either control the smart window blinds spontaneously or configure specific time schedules. Maybe you want the blinds lowered at noon during the summer, when sunshine reaches its peak? With Gira eNet SMART HOME und Gira KNX, this kind of smart blind control even works remotely via app. 

Depending on which Smart Home System you have installed, there are different apps available: 

  • eNet SMART HOME app 

  • Gira System 3000 bluetooth app  

  • Gira Smart Home app 

Blind control in Gira KNX Smart Homes: more options, more comfort.

In KNX Smart Homes, your window blinds can be regulated via voice command, app, or switch. If you would like to use all three options, you need the following components:  

  • voice-controlled smart blinds: Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant  

  • app-controlled smart blinds: Gira Smart Home app for Gira X1 or the Gira HomeServer with Gira G1 

Smart blind control with Gira System 3000: how to upgrade your network.

In case you have the Gira System 3000 installed at your house, you can adjust blinds either by pressing the switch directly or using the Bluetooth app. For the former, you need a suitable top unit that can be combined with any Gira design line of your choice. We recommend using a touch top unit with a rocker switch, the Gira System 3000 blind controller with an integrated display, or the Gira System 3000 touch top unit, among others. 

Your smart switches will respond to your fingertip as well as orders sent from your smartphone. In addition, the Gira System 3000 Bluetooth app allows you to set time schedules and let the smart blind control run automatically.  

Wireless blind control with Gira eNet SMART HOME: no cables, many functions.

Gira eNet SMART HOME is based on a wireless network. Therefore, switches used for blind control should be operated via radio technology. To that end, you will need the Gira eNet wireless operating top unit along with Gira System 3000 inserts.  

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FAQ – frequently asked questions about smart blind control.

How do smart blind switches work?

With the help of smart switches, you can adjust the position of your blinds. The most common option is the so-called rocker switch: if you press the rocker’s upper part, the blinds will go up. Once you press the lower part, they will go down again.  

In case you opt for the Gira System 3000 touch top unit, the smart blind control is activated through a touch-sensitive surface: a single finger swipe will be enough to reconfigure the exact position of your smart window shades. You may also operate your Gira System 3000 blind switches remotely via Bluetooth app. 

How does wireless blind control work?

Similar to Gira System 3000, blinds are adjusted through a wireless connection in Gira eNet SMART HOME systems. This requires installing the Gira eNet wireless operating top unit along with the Gira System 3000 radio insert. The latter can be operated remotely via smartphone as well.  

Can I use Alexa-controlled blinds in my Smart Home?

The Gira product range includes two systems that are compatible with voice assistants: Gira KNX and Gira eNet SMART HOME. Both can be connected to either Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant. Next, all you need to do is configure a voice command for your smart blind control.  

Good to know: Using IFTTT technology (short for “if this, then that”), you can link your blind control system to other functions and devices of your Smart Home. This allows you to set up automated operational sequences, e. g. your blinds going up as soon as your radio alarm starts playing in the morning.