"If this, then that" – IFTTT for the smartest quality of life.

"If this, then that" – IFTTT for the smartest quality of life.

Link your smart devices together so that they accomodate your personal schedule: want the underfloor heating to turn on when the coffee machine preheats? With Gira and the IFTTT web service, this can become a standard morning routine.

Combine your smart devices.

"If this, then that" describes a simple programming logic. An Internet service has made this rather simple principle the core of its business, even naming itself after it with the abbreviation “IFTTT”. With the "If this, then that" service, it is now possible to intelligently connect several technical devices together.

This means a huge level of comfort and convenience when it comes to your smart home. For example, imagine the floor of your kitchen warming up pleasantly the moment you switch on your coffee machine. There is also added convenience with being able to link Gira products and products from other manufacturers together through an IFTTT connection. Overall, this makes your home intelligent.

Gira IFTTT Header
Make your home fit for IFTTT with the Gira X1 server.

You make the rules: Which device reacts, and how?

Many comforts that a smart home offers unfold their true potential with the right combination. With an IFTTT connection, for example, you can specific the following scenario: “When I open my smart door lock (if this…), music will start to play on my Sonos box via Spotify and my dimmed Philips Hue lights will dim to a pleasant shade (…then that).”

You can also use these convenient IFTTT smart home functions when you leave the house. By pressing the central off switch (if this…), your coffee maker also turns off, the heating goes down and your security alarm and vacuum robot switch on (…then that.).

Gira products in your Smart Home: IFTTT lets them interact.

It is up to you to decide the “if this, then that” rule.

Worried it might be complicated? Don’t. Connecting your smart home to IFTTT isn’t a hassle. At the core of it is a Gira server: you have the choice between the Gira HomeServer or the more compact Gira X1. All you need now is a remote access module and an account with IFTTT.

With the remote access module, you can also connect to your smart home from work or while you’re on holiday. The Gira S1 is designed precisely for this access from on the road: Encrypted in compliance with GDPR, your communication with your smart home is completely secure and reliably protected against access from outside.

You can also combine your smart devices with the Gira HomeServer via IFTTT.

Installation in a few steps.

When you want your devices to start working together, register your selected Gira server and your Gira S1 remote control module with the IFTTT web service. You can find detailed instructions available here to ensure that the registration process goes seamlessly.

Once you’ve installed it, there are no limits to your creativity. Now, you can determine your preferred rules for your devices. You do this by defining certain sequences, (known as “applets”). They will assign each “if this” to one or more “then that’s” (known as a “trigger” and an “action” in the system, respectively).

You can now assign each “action” to a “trigger” of your choice. For example, your garden irrigation system could switch off when the trigger is a strong wind measured by your Gira weather station. Now, whenever you know a storm is coming you don’t have to poke your head out the window to assess whether it’s too windy for your sprinklers. Smart, isn’t it?

Make your home truly intelligent.

There are many other combinations possible, of course. You can receive an alert if your child’s bedroom gets too cold. This way, they can avoid getting sick.

With IFTTT and Gira products, your creativity and specific needs are the only limit. What connections can you think of, that will make your life easier?