Getting ready for Christmas with Gira

Getting ready for Christmas with Gira

From decorations and music to heating and lighting, here are some style tips and smart Gira solutions for a cosy atmosphere this Christmas.

‘Tis the season.

With Christmas just around the corner, you might be already looking forward to your holiday get-together. If you’re planning to host your friends and family this festive season, it’s important to make your home cosy as well as safe for joyous celebrations. For this, you can beautify your home with stylish décor ideas, such as Christmas tree decorations and make your living spaces safe for merriments with Gira’s Smart Home solutions, such as fire alarm devices.

Read on to discover solutions for a jolly good time this Christmas.

Create a great first impression.

First impressions count! Make sure to welcome your guests with beautiful scenery and mood right from the outside.

Consider lighting up your exteriors with lighting fixtures, like wall sconces, festoon lights and lanterns to improve the visual attractiveness of your outdoor area this Christmas. You can also install floodlights, like Gira Energy & Light Profiles, that will illuminate your driveway with a larger beam, helping your guests find their way while being visually pleasing.

With Gira door communication systems, you can make stylish as well as smart first impressions. Greet your guests with elegant and customised door intercoms, such as the Gira System 106, that have integrated house number, nameplate, bell and camera, among other smart functions. This system also comes with a video function, thanks to its integrated camera and a microphone. With the 7” colour display on the Gira Surface-Mounted Video Home Station 7 or the Gira Home Station inside your property, you can communicate directly with guests outside, extending a warm welcome even before you actually open the door.

Work on your focal points.

When we think of focal points for this season’s décor, Christmas tree instantly comes to mind. While a Christmas tree is always an obvious choice and there are tons of ways to decorate it, such as in a bold colour scheme of all-pink or in classic shades of golden and red, there are many other unconventional focal points that you can incorporate.

You can, for example, make a fireplace your room’s highlight instead. A few things are as soothing as a crackling fire, flickering lights and cosy warmth of a fireplace. From garlands to festive wreaths, there are many practical and magical ways to decorate your fireplace. If you don't have a fireplace yet and are planning on introducing one just in time for the festivities season, please remember to check security measures. You can go for Gira Smoke Alarm Devices for maximum security.

Gira Rauchmelder Header
Gira Smoke Alarm Device Dual Q, colour pure white glossy. It measures the density of fine smoke particles and triggers an alarm as soon as the threshold value is exceeded.

Set up the table and mood.

A table is where the whole family will gather and spend the maximum time eating, chatting and reminiscing about old times. Make sure your table setting includes a decorative centrepiece, a matching tablecloth and beautiful accents to add sparkle to your evening. Round up your table setting with flowers, foliage, tealights in jars and candles to impress everyone on the table.

To set a jolly mood, put a chandelier or pendant lights above the dining table and decorate them with shimmering snowflakes or festive ornaments. You can control your room lighting with a range of manual or automated Gira smart lighting solutions. Use Gira Dimmers to make the ambience warm and inviting or set mood lighting scenes to match the occasion.

Gira Dimmer und Tastdimmer schwarz, vor Bett mit indirekter Beleuchtung
Gira dimmers help you make the ambience warm and inviting by letting you adjust the brightness of your room lighting.

Heating for a warm, magical evening.

To make your evening even more magical, pay attention to having the right temperature. Gira Smart Home heating solutions, such as Gira System 3000, help you warm your home whenever you want via time-controlled heating control, for example, at the time you start your Christmas festivities.

The Gira eNet SMART HOME is a wireless heating system that lets you control your radiators wirelessly. The system is quick and easy to retrofit in old and new properties. You can control this system with the intuitive Gira G1 console mounted on your wall or remotely via the Gira eNet SMART HOME app.

Play the perfect festive playlist.

The recipe to making a Christmas unforgettable is the right music. A festive playlist will go a long way to making your celebration even more fun. Create a playlist of your favourite classics and those of your guests’, along with some top Christmas carols.

Then, play the songs from the wall in any room with the Gira RDS flush-mounted radio. You can also control your music system with Amazon Alexa Gira X1 server. If you’d rather listen to songs on your Sonos system, you can control up to eight Sonos speakers via the Gira G1 touch console. The Gira HomeServer app, lets you manage your complete KNX building technology, and also your phone, tablet or TV to play your desired Christmas soundtrack.

Gira Radio mit Lautsprecher auf weißer Wand
Gira Radio in aluminium in the Gira Esprit glass black frame. Connect your smartphone and listen to whatever you want, whenever you want – from audiobooks to your favourite playlist.

Get inspired.

Looking for last-minute Christmas gift ideas or finding ways on how to have a relaxed festive season? Find more home inspiration for the upcoming celebrations here.