Get ready for Christmas with Gira

Get ready for Christmas with Gira

From decorations and music to heating and lighting, here are some style tips and smart Gira solutions for a cosy atmosphere this Christmas.

Make a great first impression.

Of course, you should give your guests a warm welcome right from the start. How about lighting up your facade with wall sconces, festoon lights, or lanterns? Gira energy & light profiles can furthermore illuminate your driveway and help your guests find their way in the dark.

With Gira door communication systems, it’s easy to make a stylish and smart impression. Greet everyone with an elegant door intercom such as the Gira System 106, including your house number and nameplate. The system also comes with a video function, thanks to an integrated camera and microphone. Using the Gira surface-mounted video home station 7, you can communicate directly with guests before opening the door.

Get creative with your interior.

Apart from the traditional Christmas tree, there are many other ways to give your home a festive appeal. A crackling fireplace, for example, can fill the room with warmth and a mesmerising play of lights. You might also add some garlands and wreaths for the finishing touches. But don' t forget that safety always comes first: Gira smoke alarm devices will alert you in due time before forgotten candles or burning stoves lead to outbreaks of fire.

Gira smoke alarm devices keep your home safe throughout the holidays.

Set the table and the right mood.

A dining table is the place where everybody comes together to eat, chat, and laugh. With a decorative centrepiece and matching tablecloth, the food will taste even better. You can round off your decorations with flowers, foliage, and candles or tealights in jars. Another idea: put a chandelier or pendant lights above the table and add some shimmering snowflakes or ornaments. With the help of smart lighting control, you can instantly switch on the right mood.

B2C Website Gira Dimmer Gira E2 Lichtsteuerung
Gira dimmers allow you to precisely adjust the lighting for a cosy atmosphere.

Warm up your home for a magical night.

To make your guests feel even more comfortable, pay attention to indoor temperatures. Smart heating solutions such as Gira System 3000 run automatically based on preconfigured time schedules, so you don’t even have to turn up the heating yourself. With the Gira eNet SMART HOME system, you can also adjust your temperatures remotely via app – while doing some last minute Christmas shopping, for example.

B2C Website Gira E2 Gira Jalousie- und Schaltuhr Bluetooth Lichtsteuerung
With the Gira System 3000, your home stays bright and warm during the cold season.

Turn on the perfect playlist

There’s no real Christmas without the right music. A playlist with your favourite classics and carols will certainly keep your guests in high spirits. Using the Gira Radio, you can play the Christmas soundtrack directly from the wall. Alternatively, you might also control your sound system via Amazon Alexa and Gira X1. If you’d rather listen to songs on your Sonos system, you can connect up to eight Sonos speakers to the Gira G1 control unit.

The Gira Radio is mounted on the wall, keeping counters and shelves free.

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