What is IFTTT?

Generally speaking, the phrase "If this, then that" describes a simple programming logic. An Internet service has turned this principle into a brand, taking on the abbreviation “IFTTT” as its name. Thanks to that service, it is now possible to connect several smart devices and synchronise their functions.

This allows for a new level of comfort at KNX Smart Homes. For example, your kitchen floor might warm up as soon as you switch on your coffee machine in the morning. Or your lights will automatically be dimmed once you turn on the TV. What makes IFTTT particularly convenient is that you can link all kinds of products from different manufacturers.

How does IFTTT work?

To unfold the full potential of your Smart Home, all it takes is the right combination. By way of example, an IFTTT connection can activate scenarios like this one: “When I open my smart door lock (if this…), music from Spotify will start playing on my Sonos box and my Philips Hue lamps will switch to a dimmed light (… then that).”

You could also use IFTTT functions whenever you leave the house: upon pressing the central “off” switch (if this…), your coffee maker turns off and the heating goes down, while your security system and the vacuum robot switch on (…then that.).

IFTTT in Gira Smart Homes

Once you have set up a smart system in your house or apartment, it’s easy to add an IFTTT connection. All you need are three basic components:

Using the remote access module, you can monitor your Smart Home from afar – while you’re at work or on holiday, for example. The Gira S1 ensures that your data remains encrypted in compliance with GDPR, protecting all lines of communication against unauthorised parties.

How much does IFTTT cost?

The standard IFTTT version is free of charge. It allows you to create three new applets and activatean unlimited number of applets. If three customised applets are not enough, you can opt for the premium program.

This version lets you create as many applets as you wish. Furthermore, it includes extensive customer support and faster performance in terms of polling (i.e. the process where a computer or controlling device checks the status of another device) and real-time applets. A premium account will cost you $3.33 (which amounts to £2,42) per month. In case you want to just try it out first, IFTTT offers a free trial for seven days.