Refresh your interior – switch out your switches.

Refresh your interior – switch out your switches.

11 design lines. Over 90 frame options.

  • Simply choose your favourite frame
  • Configure your perfect light switch with the help of the latest AR technology
Change your light switches – and choose from over 300 functions with the Gira System 55.

Changing your light switches – made easy

If you’re tired of the colour on your living room walls and want to freshen up your room with some new hues, you need to make sure that your light switches and their frames will coordinate with your new interior. With standard dimensions of 55 x 55 cm, you can swap out your light switches with a new design whenever you want.

Schaltereinsatz mit Gira E2 Rahmen in weiß
Choose your own individual design from over 90 variations.

Changing your light switches can change the look of your home. If you want to make sure that the design line you’ve chosen really is right for you, you can use our app and the latest AR technology to preview how your switch frame will look on the wall.

With the latest AR technology, you can see your chosen light switch on the wall before you buy.

Using augmented reality to see your switch on the wall – before buying it.

All you need to get started is the design configurator on your smartphone and a printed copy of the tracking image.

  1. Place the tracking image in the desired position on the wall.

  2. Scan the tracking image in live view mode.

  3. Your selected design line will appear on the wall.

You can then order your new switches directly from your local specialist partner. Show us how you’ve integrated your new frames into your living room.

Design configurator

Quick and simple: find the right design for frames, switches, and more.

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