Gira Studio

Squaring the circle.

Stand out. Dare to try something new. Combine classic and avant-garde elements: the Gira Studio design line adds a modern edge to many different interior styles. With this line, Gira has once again created an innovative concept that emphasises aesthetics as much as functionality. Square and round. Black in black, white in white, or maybe a contrast of black and white? It's up to you to set the tone at your home. As a surface-mounted variant, the Gira Studio design line often serves as a visual highlight on walls in loft apartments.

Colour variants

Glass white
Glass black

Product features

Different frame variations are available in numerous shapes and colours.

This product is suitable for retrofitting.

Cutting-edge design for different installations.

Gira Studio in the flush-mounted version is recommended for an exclusive, upscale living style. Its materials – high-quality glass and shatterproof plastic – prove particularly effective for sophisticated interior concepts. Both versions, surface-mounted and flush-mounted, can be installed easily: as a light switch or a multifunctional solution, for example. Horizontal or vertical, always visually appealing.

Gira Schalterprogramm Studio in Aufputzvariante an der Wand
Gira Studio, black glass, pushbutton switch, colour black matt.

Combine all the functions you need.

Adding inserts from the Gira System 55, a wide range of functions can be realised with the Gira Studio design line: from socket outlets and Gira pushbutton sensors for KNX to the Gira System 3000 blind timer display and the Gira IP flush-mounted radio.

Weißer Studioschalter in einer Küche auf blauer Tapete
Gira Studio, white glass, pushbutton switch, colour white.
Gira Design Configurator

Quick and simple: find the right design for frames, switches, and more.

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