Gira design lines: smart switches in beautiful shapes

In a world between on and off, we offer a variety of materials, functions, and award-winning designs. Smart technology turns switching into an intuitive experience. We are the ones with the switches. But we are so much more.

Subtle, but smart. With clear standards for quality, material, and function. And plenty of innovative force.  

The best smart (light) switches for Smart Homes.

Within your home network, smart switches complement the control options via voice command or app. Thus, you can monitor your system in various ways. Smart switches will also upgrade your interior, as they come in many shapes and colours.  

Gira offers switch solutions for three Smart Home systems: 

Of course, you can control your blinds and heating via switch, too. Depending on which and how many devices you have at your disposal, there are different variants available. The Gira Pushbutton Sensor 4 allows you to use eight individual functions. In case you only want to turn lights on and off, we recommend the Gira KNX Button.  

If you opt for Gira System 3000, you can easily control your switches via app. A timer built into the switches will regulate lighting, heating, and blinds according to your personal schedule.  

Gira eNet SMART HOME systems can be retrofitted with wireless top units that require no cables.   

Good to know: In our guide on retrofitting smart home switches, we illustrate how you can integrate different switch variants into your Smart Home.  

Gira switches: frames and inserts to mix and match.

In our daily lives, we come across switches everywhere. They help us to control lighting, shade, temperature, music, and our safety. But function is not all that counts. Whether you are looking for simple on/off switches or smart dimmer switches, smart WiFi or Bluetooth light switches – they all should look great, too! 

With this in mind, Gira has created eleven unique design lines to match virtually any type of interior style. All design lines belong to Gira System 55, with “55” standing for standardised measurements of 55 x 55 mm. These measurements enable you to freely combine and interchange functional inserts (i. e. switches and socket outlets) with numerous frame variants.  

The design line Gira Standard 55: rocker switch (functional insert) on the left, frame on the right. This system enables you to freely combine all types of frame variants and functional inserts.

Gira design lines: high-quality materials, timeless colours.

Gira frames come in different long-lasting materials such as aluminium, stainless steel, chrome, glass, and linoleum multiplex.  

These materials work well with colours like pure white matt or glossy, black matt or glossy, anthracite, bronze (PVD), or earthy brown hues. 

Smart switches for every wall: find the one that fits your style.

Oftentimes, it’s the small details that give your home the finishing touch. No matter what your taste – the Gira design lines offer a wide variety of options. 

Among these, the design original Gira E2 is a true classic: its simplistic shape fits in seamlessly with different interiors, while break-proof synthetics ensure that your smart switches will last for ages.  

In case you want to make a bolder statement, the Gira Esprit design line might be just right for you: broad frames in materials such as glass, aluminium, stainless steel, and linoleum multiplex add that little extra something to your walls.  

The design lines Gira E3Gira StudioGira S-Color, and Gira Event have another eye-catching feature in common: rounded shapes.  

If you prefer smart switches with an extravagant appeal, we recommend the Gira ClassiX design line. By contrast, Gira F100 and Gira Standard 55 switches keep it sleek and simple – with many smart functions hidden beneath the minimalistic surface.   

Surface-mounted switches for retrofittings.

Install your smart light switches exactly where you need them – even without flush-mounted sockets. In spaces like garages or basements, surface-mounted switches prove particularly convenient. For that purpose, you can choose between special variants of the design lines Gira Studio and Gira E2 – retrofitting your home with smart switches wherever, whenever. 

Weather-proof switches for outdoor spaces.

Lights on the balcony, power supply for the lawn mower and other gardening tools – switches and socket outlets can also prove essential outside of your house. In that case though, you need weather-proof variants. Gira water-protected switches by Gira comply with IP 44 standards and are therefore perfectly suitable for outdoor areas.  

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FAQ – frequently asked questions about smart switches.

What is a button switch?

Button switches snap back into their original position immediately after you push them. Lights will then remain on until you push the button again.  

What is a rocker switch?

After pressing a rocker switch, the rocker will retain its current position. To turn the lights off, you push the rocker into the opposite direction, where it will remain until you turn the lights on again.  

How do I change (smart) switches?

All Gira smart switches have standardised measurements of 55 x 55 mm. This makes it easy to interchange them and replace one design line with another. By way of example, if you opt for Gira Esprit instead of Gira E2, all you need to do is change the frames. In our article about switching out switches, you can find more tips and inspirations to give your walls a new look.