Gira Sensotec and Sensotec LED

Gira Sensotec and Sensotec LED.

For applications that need a motion specialist.

If you wake up in the night and need to go to the bathroom, it’s likely that you’ll feel disorientated: Firstly, because it’s dark. Secondly: the lights are too bright! Gira has developed a clever solution to this problem: The contactless Gira Sensotec light switch and Sensotec LED with sensitive high-frequency sensors (HF). Thanks to this HF technology, the system can even detect motion behind wooden stairs.

Colour Variants

Colour aluminium
Cream white glossy
Pure white glossy
Pure white matt

Product Features

Product automatically switches the light on/off when motion or darkness is detected.

Product for lighting control.

Lighting level can be adjusted.

Different frame variations are available in numerous shapes and colours.

Gira Sensotec LED in the dark, Gira E2, colour pure white glossy

Come a little closer.

When you move towards a Gira Sensotec switch, it automatically switches on dimmed lighting so that you aren’t dazzled. In the close-detection range – at around five centimetres from the switch – the light can be switched to full brightness through a simple movement.

Motion detector and LED light in one.

The Gira Sensotec LED switch has an anti-glare LED light for orientation, which you can configure to a brightness that is comfortable for your eyes. This switch also uses high-frequency sensors. The Gira Sensotec illuminates the hall with its wide LED, enabling you to safely find your way to the bathroom at night.

Gira Bewegungsmelder Sensotec
Gira Sensotec in the dark, Gira E2, colour pure white glossy

Enhanced orientation, security and hygiene.

The Gira Sensotec detects movement through translucent materials such as glass, stone, plasterboard and wood. If you install the Sensotec opposite the main entrance, for example, the light in the hallway is automatically switched on when someone approaches the door. This is not only convenient if you’re returning home in the dark, but also makes potential intruders think you might be at home, protecting you against break-ins. The Gira Sensotec can also be used as a contactless door opener to enhance hygiene in settings such as hospitals and care homes.

The Gira Sensotec helps you to safely find your way in hallways and stairwells

The Gira Sensotec: Flat design.

The Gira Sensotec features a flat design. With five colour variants and the option to combine the switch with frames from the Gira System 55 design line, the Gira Sensotec can be harmoniously integrated into any interior.

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