Gira Event

Gira Event Anthrazit

The Gira Event design line.

More than a switch. An experience.

With the multi-faceted Gira Event design line and its uniquely rounded frame, you can give free rein to your creativity - and make daily switching an experience.

Colour Variants

Colour aluminium
Pure white matt
Dark brown
Pure white glossy


Roter Punkt, Design Zentrum NRW Essen

Visual highlight. With a versatile colour scheme.

The distinctive feature of this design line is the way it is put together: an outer frame, thin inner frame, and functional insert. As a result, a wide variety of material effects can be generated for this design line, together with 53 frame variants. Give free rein to your creativity. You can combine this design line with the Gira System 55 and Gira smart home technology, thereby benefiting from over 300 functions.

Gira Event anthrazit
Gira Event, colour anthracite

Gira Event.

The Gira Event design line features a classic colour palette, but with an unmistakable, semicircular shape. The completely solid-coloured cover frames are available in four variants: pure white glossy, pure white matt, colour aluminium, and anthracite.

Gira Event Clear.

Gira Event Clear has eye-catching visual depth. A luminance created by its high-gloss surface and transparent plastic on top of a white, black, brown, or sand-coloured background.

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