Gira surface-mounted design lines

Installing switches with minimum effort – in your favourite design.

The surface-mounted design lines Gira E2, Gira Studio, and Gira Standard 55 are ideal for rooms where you can’t or don’t want to tear open walls.

Product features

Different frame variations are available in numerous shapes and colours.

This product is suitable for retrofitting.

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Gira E2 surface-mounted switches: the timeless design variant.

The Gira E2 surface-mounted design line is the perfect solution for retrofittings – whether it be in a house or apartment. With a minimalist design and colour variants such as pure white glossy or black matt, these switches fit into any interior. Surface-mounted variants also allow you to choose from over 300 functional inserts of the Gira System 55.

Design highlight for easy retrofittings: the Gira E2 surface-mounted switch in black matt.

Gira Standard 55 surface-mounted switches: resistant and easy-care.

The Gira Standard 55 surface-mounted design line is flexible and adaptable. With its classic appearance, it can be installed anywhere in houses or apartments. Thanks to its compatibility with the Gira System 55, it can also be combined with over 300 functional insert elements. The surface-mounted variant is available in cream white glossy or pure white glossy.

Gira Standard 55 mit Aufputzgehäuse
Gira Standard 55 switches can easily be retrofitted.

Gira Studio surface-mounted switches: all-rounders with an edge.

Gira Studio switches also comes in a surface-mounted variant, making it easy to retrofit any home. Along with colours such as glass white and glass black, the round design creates a unique look on your wall.

Gira Studio Aufputz Schwarz
Gira Studio switches are perfect for modern loft apartments and industrial-style interior.
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