Gira surface-mounted video home station Plus

Gira surface-mounted video home station Plus

Welcome guests with a hands-free system or a video camera.

Gira home stations serve as the counterpart to the Gira door stations installed outside. They are used for door monitoring, communication with visitors and opening doors. You can install both the basic version and the video station directly on your wall – either with or without frames from various Gira design lines.

Product features

Product for image and sound transmission.

Allows you to save image data and check who rang the bell when you are absent.

Different frame variations are available in numerous shapes and colours.

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Check who's ringing your bell – quickly and safely.

A home station provides security and comfort – especially if you live on upper floors. The low-priced basic model functions simply with four operating buttons: If someone rings at the door, you can speak to them and open the door using the station. The hands-free system has excellent voice quality: If the background noise outside the front door is particularly loud, you can activate the override function on the home station, which automatically switches the microphone to the highest level and audibly optimises communication. For the ringtone, you can choose between five different melodies.

Gira Produkt externe Kamera
Easy installation for a safe feeling at home.

Keep an eye on your house – with outdoor cameras.

Your Gira home station can also be connected with external cameras. Gira's external camera is ideal for outdoor use: the water- and dustproof camera has an automatic heating function to prevent fogging. Even poor lighting conditions do not prevent you from using the camera – infrared LEDs are used in complete darkness. Monitor your property from several angles – whether it be the entrance, the garden, or the driveway.

Other door intercoms

Gira door station

Manufactured from shatterproof, UV-resistant materials, the Gira door station is the perfect finish for your outdoor area – either surface-mounted or flush-mounted. The basic equipment includes a speaker, microphone, and doorbell. By integrating a camera, you can also see who's at the door.

Gira DCS mobile app

Thanks to the Gira DCS mobile app, you can operate your door intercom system even while on the move. All you need is your smartphone too see who's at the door, talk to visitors, and let them in. Remote access via app works in combination with the DCS-IP gateway through an encrypted portal solution, protecting your data from unauthorised parties.

Gira Keyless In

Forgot your keys? No problem: With Gira Keyless In, your home will let you in anyways. You can either use a personal code or your fingerprint. The technology is based on a secure electronic system, enabling convenient access to buildings and single rooms. Both the Gira KeylessIn keypad and the Gira Keyless In fingerprint can be installed as stand-alone devices or integrated into the Gira door communication system. Depending on your preferences, you may combine them with cover frames from the Gira System 55 or TX44 design lines.

Gira System 106

The modular Gira System 106 enables you to configure door intercom systems according to your requirements. As the counterpart to Gira indoor stations, it covers all essential functions including doorbell, camera, name plate, and house number at the entrance. Robust materials and modern technology ensure a high level of convenience and safety. Another benefit: Gira System 106 is compatible with all Gira home stations and door communication solutions.