Gira F100

Gira Flächenschalter Reinweiß glänzend

The Gira F100.

Can be operated by hand. Or by elbow.

With the Gira F100, you can operate the switch even with your hands full, thanks to an extra large operating surface. The design line is available in pure white glossy, has a simple and timeless design and is compatible with over 200 functions: from the Gira radio through to complex smart home solutions.

Colour Variants

Pure white glossy
Gira F100, pure white glossy; Gira radio, black glass finish

Other Design Lines

Gira E2 Manuelle Jalousiesteuerung Aufsatz Gira

Gira E2

Purist Design


Gira E3

Ambiance as a Range.


Gira Esprit

Clear and Elegant


Gira Standard 55

High Quality Standard


Gira Studio

A Rounded Design

Gira Event Anthrazit

Gira Event

More than a switch. An experience.

Gira S-Color, Farbe grau auf weißer Wand

Gira S-Color

The Design Classic

Gira TX_44

Gira Water Protected

Robust and Protected

Gira ClassiX Bronze

Gira CalssiX

Classic and Elegant.

Design Configurator

Quick and Simple: Find the right design for frames, switches and more.