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Smart socket outlets – many designs, many functions

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Gira outdoor socket outlets

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In a world between On and Off, we transform ordinary buildings into modern living spaces. The classic socket outlet turns into a smart power supply. It enables us to control bright and dark, warm and cold, loud and silent.

Getting started: where to place socket outlets in your home.

Computer and smartphone in your study, toaster and coffee machine in the kitchen, television and loudspeakers in the living room – socket outlets are essential almost everywhere in your home. But they do not only serve to supply your devices with energy. Smart socket outlets by Gira have a variety of functions: Orientation lights in the dark, USB ports, or water protection outdoors. Moreover, they can be freely combined with all Gira design lines – so that you will find the right outlet for any room and purpose.   

Combination of Gira socket outlet and rocker switch from the design line Gira Esprit Bronze (PVD).

Safety Plus: Increased contact protection with Shutter.

Gira socket outlets marked by the label "Safety Plus" have an integrated protection device called "Shutter." This smart device shuts the outlet’s power connection until a plug is inserted. Thus, Gira socket outlets labeled "Saftey Plus" provide increased protection against accidental contact. 

Integrated into the socket outlet, the Shutter ensures a high degree of contact protection.

Gira Profile 55: smart socket outlets for your kitchen .

These days, more and more smart gadgets find their way into our kitchens – but what about smart socket outlets? This is where the Gira Profile 55 comes in: it allows you to retrofit existing installations without tearing up your walls. The frame provides enough room for eight more socket outlets and can be mounted either on the wall or unattached. 

You may also include further add-ons compatible with Gira System 55, such as the Gira Radio.  

Gira USB power supply and orientation lights: socket outlets with special features.

Electric devices such as televisions, loudspeakers, computers, and smartphones have become steady companions in our daily lives. This means that you also need enough smart socket outlets to make sure you’ll never run out of power, no matter in which room. In addition to the standard SCHUKO outlet, the Gira product range offers a variety of options:  

The Gira USB power supply A&C enables you to charge any type of mobile device whenever necessary. Meanwhile, your SCHUKO outlets remain available for other devices and bulky adapters are no longer needed. Plus, you can charge your smartphone or tablet at extremely high speed. 

Gira SCHUKO smart socket outlets with LED orientation lights subtly illuminate your living space as soon as darkness falls. This proves especially useful in hallways or on staircases: small, indirect lights will show you the way and minimize the risk of accidents.  

Plug & Light featured by Gira: setting the mood in your bedroom.

Want to switch between bright and dimmed lights, depending on whether you are reading or just relaxing? Then you can upgrade your bedroom with the world’s first smart socket outlet that includes a lighting function: Plug & Light socket outlets by Gira allow you to adjust the brightness according to your current mood. In case you can’t put that thrilling book down just yet, simply insert the bright spotlight into the smart outlet plug. As soon as you start to feel sleepy, switch to floodlight mode and enjoy the cosy atmosphere.   

Gira outdoor socket outlets: smart power supply around your home.

Whether it be the balcony, terrace, or garden: even if you step outside, you still need socket outlets. Just like indoors, they serve as a power supply for various appliances. How about setting up your home office outside while the sun is out? Or decorate your garden with some pretty light chains at night? Not to mention, gadgets like lawn mowers or irrigation systems also require electricity. 

To that end, smart outdoor socket outlets from the series Gira TX_44 provide a solid basis. Their weather-proof frame protects the outlet from water in line with IP 44 standards. Likewise, it keeps out foreign objects with a diameter of one millimetre or more.  

Apart from powering your garden gadgets, Gira energy and light profiles will also illuminate outdoor spaces to accommodate your daily routines. They can be placed anywhere in the garden, ensuring that you will always have a reliable source of light and power in reach.  

Surface-mounted socket outlets: minimal effort, maximum comfort.

In garages or basements, socket outlets are usually installed on the surface – without tearing up the wall. Surface-mounted variants also prove particularly useful to retrofit existing outlets. Of course, you don’t want to compromise on aesthetics in these cases. This is why the Gira product range includes two design lines with surface-mounted options: Gira E2 and Gira Studio, which can be combined with smart switches and smart socket outlets of the Gira System 55.   

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FAQ – frequently asked questions about smart socket outlets.

How many socket outlets do I need?

Of course, the answer to this question depends mainly on the number of devices and appliances used in your household. To give you a rough estimate, here are some average guidelines: 

  • 5 to 10 (smart) socket outlets for living rooms of circa 20 m². 

  • 3 to 7 (smart) socket outlets for bedrooms. 

  • around 10 (smart) socket outlets for kitchens.  

  • 1 to 2 (smart) socket outlets for storage rooms, pantries, closets etc.  

What kind of socket outlet do I need outdoors?

Outdoor socket outlets should meet the requirements of IP 44 standards. Here, “IP” stands for “international protection” and signifies that the outlet is shielded against water splashes as well as foreign objects with a minimum diameter of one millimetre.   

Is it possible to retrofit smart socket outlets?

Hypothetically speaking, it is possible to insert new smart power outlets into the wall. However, you would have to lay additional cables and drill holes first. To avoid such expensive renovation work, we recommend surface-mounted outlets that can be installed onto the wall. The Gira product range offers several variants to fit your personal interior style: 

  • Gira E2 

  • Gira Studio 

  • Gira Profile 55