Smart heating: save energy while enjoying ideal room temperatures

Smart heating: save energy while enjoying ideal room temperatures

Feeling too hot or too cold indoors? With the room temperature controller of Gira System 3000, this won't be a problem anymore: the smart device regulates your heating automatically.

The never-ending story of varying temperatures in autumn and winter.

The colder it gets outside, the cosier it should be inside. Without automated control, however, heating can be quite exhausting. Often the heating is turned up all the way so that it gets warm quickly at home. Once the desired temperature has been reached, it is then turned down further making the room temperature fall.

Does this look familiar to you? If so, you might be aware of the unpleasant side effect that occurs overnight: Your four walls cool down and getting up is like jumping into cold water. Turning on the heating now would be unnecessary because you'll be driving to work or retiring to your study anyway. In the evening, you turn your heating back on fully – the game of hot and cold starts all over again.

With the Gira System 3000 room temperature controller, you can transform your conventional heating system with little effort into a self-controlling heating system that sets the perfect room temperature for you at any time.

Make your heating smart: Heating control for retrofitting. 

The basis for smart heating with the Gira System 3000 room temperature controller is the normal 230 V power line in your home. You don't need additional cables, a network or a server, as is usually necessary for Smart Home systems. Once the room temperature controller is installed, you simply access it via Bluetooth and the Gira System 3000 App. Now all you have to do is enter via your smartphone or tablet at which times the controller should set your ideal room temperature.

From now on, you can expect pleasant warmth when you get up in the morning and come home in the evening. In the time in between, the heating only switches on if the temperature falls below the specified minimum temperature. This is not only convenient but also saves unnecessary heating costs.

You can use schedules to specify when the room thermostat should switch on the heating.

Whenever and wherever you want: Individual heating control for every room. 

Smart heating is particularly worthwhile if you want to set the temperature in several rooms individually. While you want to have a cosy warm temperature in the bedroom mainly when you get up, you may prefer different temperatures at different times in other rooms.

For example, if you’re used to going to your study room after you wake up, your ideal temperature will be precisely set around the time you get there, thanks to the automatic pre-heating function of the Gira System 3000 room temperature controller. If at the same time, your children are on their way to school, room temperature controllers in their rooms will switch off the heating and only when it’s time for them to come home in the afternoon, will these reactivate the heating.#

In the evening, if you and your family finally gather in the living room and because it has become particularly cold outside, you decide together to heat up the room a little more than usual, you can quickly pull out your smartphone and correct the temperature control in the app directly. Heating control with System 3000 is this simple.

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Have the room thermostat installed in any room where precise heating control is important to you, such as the living room.

More than smart heating: The Gira System 3000 can do so much more.

The room temperature controller is only one part of the Gira System 3000. Because in addition to smart heating, you can also automate your lights and blinds with the system and control them smartly via app.

The corresponding switches and time switches for lights and blinds are designed – just like the room temperature controller – for easy retrofitting. This gives you the opportunity to flexibly retrofit your home with the practical functionalities of the Gira System 3000.

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