Gira Room Temperature Controller

Gira Room Temperature Controller

Gira Room temperature controllers – a plus for you and for the planet

Imagine living in a place where the weather doesn’t matter. A place where you can be warm and cosy or cool and fresh, where the climate and ventilation is so perfectly controlled that you don’t even notice the temperature or the systems that control it – but you know that you’re happy to be there. The integrated heating and cooling programs in the Gira room temperature controller not only ensure that your home is kept at exactly the right temperature – they are also the smartest way to control individual rooms in line with your needs while keeping costs down and reducing your consumption of valuable natural resources while you’re away or not using a particular space.

Colour Variants

Cream white glossy
Pure white glossy
Pure white matt

Product Features

Product for room temperature adjustment.

Different frame variations are available in numerous shapes and colours.

Gira System 3000 with Integrated Room Temperature Controller: Conveniently control your temperature.

Thanks to Gira System 3000, controlling your lights and blinds has never been easier. However, the new addition to the Gira System 3000 with the Room Temperature Controller means easier heating control. You can set a timer which turns the heat on when you want (and saving money and energy). The Comfort version can be controlled via the Gira Bluetooth App and has Holiday Mode and up to 40 timers. There is also an integrated temperature sensor.

Gira System 3000 with Integrated Room Temperature Controller

Hot on heating

The room temperature controller is available in a range of models and designs. The basic model and controller with a practical 1-way switch enables you to set your preferred temperature anywhere between 5°C and 30°C using a rotary button. You can also switch off your heating system entirely when it isn’t needed with a single press of a button. The range can also be used to control underfloor heating systems.

Gira Room Temperature Controller, Gira E2, pure white

Programmes for comfort

Heat and cool your home systematically: The room temperature controller with clock allows you to heat any room to your desired temperature at any time, controlling all the connected heating and cooling systems as required. As well as setting your preferred temperature with degree-level precision, you can also opt for one of four different preconfigured temperature levels, including daytime comfort and cooler overnight temperature settings, as well as a frost protection programme for when you’re away and a separate programme with a cooling function. The party function – which you can use to extend the set heating phase whenever you need it – is another practical addition. The energy-saving and holiday function reduce the temperature for a set period of time.

Matching Design Lines as Frames

Gira E2 Manuelle Jalousiesteuerung Aufsatz Gira

Gira E2

The design line with an edge. Contemporary or timeless.


Gira E3

Designed to touch. A thousand times over. 


Gira Standard 55

Standards can never be set high enough.


Gira Studio

Squaring the circle.