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Take your heating to the next level. With smart Gira heating control

Take your heating to the next level. With smart Gira heating control

Energy up. Heating costs down. With the eNet SMART HOME app, you can heat your home efficiently and in line with your needs – any place, any time.

  • Reduce your energy consumption by up to 30 percent with demand-based heating.
  • Keep an eye on consumption using the Gira G1 touch screen or your smartphone.

The days are getting shorter, and the nights are getting colder. Now is the time to take your heating system to the next level – with smart Gira technology. Imagine the scene: You come home after a long day, and your bathroom is already preheated to exactly the right temperature for a relaxing bath. And you haven’t had to leave the heating on all day unnecessarily. With these five solutions, you can preheat your bathroom with ease and convenience, via our smartphone or tablet app – no matter where you are.

Heat smart. Save smart.

Tired of having to manually adjust your radiators every evening? You no longer need to with smart heating control. Integrate your heating into the eNet SMART HOME system and access your heating system even when you’re on the move. Whether you want to adjust the temperature or check your consumption values – with the eNet SMART HOME system app, you remain in control.

The eNet SMART HOME system: Smart wireless heating control.

The eNet SMART HOME system enables you to control your radiators and underfloor heating system wirelessly. The system can be installed in new builds and period properties, as the operating devices – such as the Gira G1 wall display – can simply be fitted to existing light switch connections. You can also use the Gira G1 touch screen to control other smart products such as electric blinds, Gira door intercoms, entertainment devices and your security system.

Gira G1 Interface Wohnzimmer
You can use the Gira G1 to access other smart home applications as well as to control your heating. Source: Gira

Smart heating valves and the Gira G1. The perfect connection.

Often, one of the first steps to take when installing a smart heating control system is to install special heating valves that can be switched on and off from any location. With the wireless eNET SMART HOME solution, you can connect the smart Gira G1 touch screen to tado° heating valves.

Tado° Ventil Freisteller
The tado° heating valve is easy to connect to the Gira G1 touch screen. Source: Gira

Full control via app. Even when you're away from home.

To tell the tado° heating valves how warm you want your home to be, simply select the relevant radiator on the touch screen and enter your desired temperature. Once this temperature has been reached, the heating will turn itself down even if you’re out, so that you don’t waste energy unnecessarily. And if an autumn day turns out to be colder than you expected, you can use the eNet SMART HOME system app on your smartphone or tablet to effortlessly program individual heating times. No matter where you are.

Save energy. Only heat where needed with the eNet SMART HOME app.

In addition to all of the comfort and convenience benefits of a smart heating system, this technology generates energy savings too. With room-independent control, you could reduce your energy consumption by up to 30 percent. Gira heating control technology will enable you to achieve these savings. With this technology, you only heat the rooms you’re actually using. To help you stay in control of your consumption, the eNet SMART HOME app also provides a handy overview of all of your consumption data.

With Gira heating control, you’re prepared for any eventuality – whether it’s an impromptu, relaxing bath or an evening with friends in your rarely-used conservatory.

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