Gira outdoor socket outlets

Power for you garden, terracy, or balcony. Safe and easy-to-use.

Whether it be the lawnmower, electric barbecue, or light chain – outdoor socket outlets come in handy on many occasions. That's why Gira offers a range of weatherproof (according to IP44 standards), UV-resistant, and impact-resistant products. As socket outlets are often installed at prominent spots, you can choose from a variety of design options. Gira SCHUKO socket outlets have a hinged cover, which can even be locked while not in use.

Product features

Due to its splash-proof design (IP44), the product is suitable for basements, damp rooms and outdoor areas.

This product is suitable for retrofitting.

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Gira TX_44 socket outlets.

Socket outlets from the Gira TX_44 range feature a robust cover frame and a modern, streamlined design, combining top-class functionality with a premium aesthetic. They are ideal for wet rooms and in gardens, and can also be integrated into Gira light and energy profiles. Available colour variants include pure white, anthracite, and aluminium.

Gira water-protected surface-mounted socket outlets.

If you are looking for exceptionally robust and durable materials, we recommend Gira water-protected surface-mounted socket outlets with IP44 or IP66 protection – for outdoor areas as well as cellars, garages, or workshops. They are available in grey and made from unbreakable plastic which remains resistant to oil, grease, fuel, and chemicals.

Gira SCHUKO socket outlet with inscription label, 2-gang combination,
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