Gira motion and presence detectors

Control your lighting anywhere – without even lifting a finger.

Lights that turn on automatically can scare off potential intruders and help you find your way in the dark. Thanks to their switch-off feature, they will also reduce your energy costs. Smart motion detectors allow you to activate light scenes, heating, ventilation, and blind systems when you enter a room. Once you leave, you can easily switch them off again.

Product features

Product automatically switches the light on/off when motion or darkness is detected.

Due to its splash-proof design (IP44), the product is suitable for basements, damp rooms and outdoor areas.

Product for lighting control.

Different frame variations are available in numerous shapes and colours.

Gira motion detector Cube: a smart sensor that blends in with modern architecture.

The beautiful, modern design of the new Gira motion detector Cube fits in wonderfully to both old and new architectural structures, available in pure white glossy or anthracite. While it does pick up on movement, it has a specific focus on thermal motion and the level of brightness. A gust of wind won’t switch it on – saving even more energy. Plus, you can set the angle either narrow (at 120°) or wide (at 240°). Nothing will go unnoticed with the Cube.

Gira Bewegungsmelder Cube freigestellt
The Gira motion detector cube doesn't just save energy - it's subtle and yet looks good.

On and off – automatically.

At some point or another, we’ve all forgotten to turn off the lights when we leave a room. This can become a problem particularly in cellars, garages, hallways and stairwells. With the Gira motion detector, the lights switch on automatically, based on motion and ambient brightness levels. When no motion is detected, it automatically switches the light off again. As a result, you save energy and reduce your costs. If you return late at night, you won’t be left searching for your keys in the dark outside your front door, and the light will scare off any potential intruders. In public facilities, stairwells and underground car parks, Gira motion detectors also offer hygiene benefits: There’s no need to touch a switch. Gira offers a range of motion detectors for automatic lighting control.

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Gira motion detectors with Bluetooth.

The Gira System 3000 motion detectors are available for two installation heights (1.10 m and 2.20 m). These Bluetooth models also offer even greater convenience than their standard counterparts. The user can easily program and control functions and settings such as brightness values and delay times via the Gira app on a smartphone or tablet. The system also features a handy time-switch function, which can be used to set specific time frames for selected applications. For example, you can use the night light function to automatically switch on dimmed lighting on the hallway at night, which prevents you from being dazzled and shocked awake by bright light on the way to the bathroom during the night. The presence simulation stores and automatically repeats the switch-on and switch-off times from the previous day, providing effective protection against intruders if you’re not home. Your professional electrician will be happy to explain the options available to you with Gira Bluetooth motion detectors and will talk you through any additional devices you may need.

Gira presence detector and motion detector 360° compact surface-mounted

Gira 360° motion detector with Bluetooth.

The 360° top unit Bluetooth presence and motion detector features almost identical functions and is fitted below the ceiling. The device is also easy to program and control via the Gira app on a smartphone or tablet. The presence detector could be mounted above a work station to monitor the area directly underneath. Even if movement is sporadic, the light remains on. The energy-saving constant light control feature can also be configured via the app. This feature sets the level of light in relation to daylight, ensuring that the level of illumination in the room is always the same. If there is sufficient daylight, the lights are automatically dimmed. If the room is not bright enough, the lighting is turned back up to the previously defined brightness value.

Gira KNX motion detector comfort, colour pure white glossy

Home technology in motion with KNX systems.

If you live in a property that is connected with an intelligent KNX system, you can choose from a range of Gira motion detector solutions. Digital sensors in particular guarantee reliable, error-free motion detection. In addition to automatic lighting control, KNX motion detectors can be used to activate entire light scenes, as well as heating, ventilation, climate control and blind systems, when you enter a room, hallway or stairwell – and to switch them off again when you leave.

Gira Mini presence detector for KNX: maximum safety in minimalist style.

If you like minimalist design, you will surely love the Gira Mini presence detector for KNX. This unit – which is generally mounted below the ceiling – can be used both indoors and outdoors. Subtle, yet quick to act: the Gira Mini presence detector for KNX now includes an integrated temperature sensor. It measures the room temperature and reacts accordingly, while picking up on thermal motion as well. Hence, you can avoid wasting energy. Available as flush-mounted or surface-mounted variant, the detector can be retrofitted anywhere.

Gira Produkt KNX Praesenzmelder Mini
Subtle, practical. Thermal motion sensors mean less energy wasted in your home.