Retrofitting Smart Home light switches: everything you need to know

Retrofitting Smart Home light switches: everything you need to know

A smart light switch is an ideal addition to a Smart Home. It enables intuitive operation of digitally networked lighting by a switch in addition to a smartphone and voice control. We compare the Gira Smart Home switches for KNX, Gira eNet SMART HOME and Gira System 3000 for you and also explain what you should bear in mind when retrofitting.

  • The advantages of a Smart Home light switch
  • Things to consider when retrofitting a Smart Home switch
  • Gira Smart Home switches in comparison: System 3000, KNX and eNet

Maximum intuitiveness: advantages of a Smart Home light switch.

A major advantage of the Gira Smart Home is that you can control it in several ways. Control via a smartphone, Gira G1 and voice control give you great flexibility. You can now only improve operating convenience with smart switches – and it's worth it.

A key advantage of a smart home light switch, for example, is its quick and intuitive operation. Especially when you want to do something instantaneously, the switch can be pressed more quickly than first pulling out the smartphone or moving to the Gira G1 control centre. Another plus point is the flexibility and range of functions of a smart switch: in addition to light, it can also be used to conveniently control your blinds, heating and other smart devices. In addition, you have the option of performing several functions that are grouped together as a scene in Smart Home with just one tap of a button.

Due to its versatility and intuitive control, the Smart Home switch is a clever addition.

Here are the advantages of a Smart Home light switch:

  • Fast and intuitive operation
  • Can be used flexibly for lighting, blinds, heating and other networked devices
  • Allows multiple functions to be called up, grouped into scenes
The Gira KNX pushbutton sensor 3 is suitable for controlling several functions and indicates the status via LED.

KNX, eNet or Gira System 3000? This is what you should consider when retrofitting a Smart Home light switch.

If you would like to retrofit your Smart Home with smart switches, you should pay attention to the basics. First of all, you should know how the Gira switches can be integrated into the Smart Home by the electrician: If you have KNX, the switches also require corresponding connection options for the KNX cable. In the best-case scenario, you already had the corresponding cables laid during the planning of the KNX to enable the retrofitting of switches.

The Gira eNet SMART HOME requires less effort for retrofitting since data transmission takes place wirelessly here. Make sure that the switches have the appropriate wireless technology so that they can be networked with the system.

The Gira System 3000 is an alternative to both systems. It can be retrofitted with little effort and includes various types of switches. You can find out more about it below.

knx connection en
For the installation of KNX switches, KNX cables must be laid in the wall.

Also, consider how many functions you want to control with a Smart Home switch and in which areas of your home. For example, do you only want to switch the hallway light, or do you also want to connect your blinds and heating with switches? Depending on the scope of your plan, the different switch variants from Gira are equipped with one, two or several freely assignable buttons.

Gira Smart Home brochure: You can find more information about the operating elements in the Gira System 3000, KNX and Gira eNet SMART HOME in our brochure. Click here to go to the brochure.

Retrofitting Smart Home light switches in the Gira System 3000.

An alternative to KNX and eNet is the Gira System 3000, which makes retrofitting a Smart Home possible with little effort. Appropriate Smart Home switches are available for controlling lights, blinds and heating, which you can also operate via Bluetooth.

Retrofitting is done by replacing the flush-mounted inserts with the Gira System 3000, after which any attachment can be plugged in.

Here are the Gira System 3000 top units at a glance:

The following graphic gives you a clear distinction of the Gira System 3000 units. . This should help you find the right attachment for your requirements.

system 3000 comparison en
The Gira System 3000 units in direct comparison.

Material and design of smart switches from Gira.

Gira design lines are characterised by high-quality materials and exclusive designs. Of course, the smart switches for KNX, eNet and Gira System 3000 are also available in the same high quality and design. Compatible with the Gira System 55, you can combine the smart switches with the following seven design lines:

These design lines are available in the following high-quality materials:

You can, thus, choose the design and material that suit your living style from this range of smart switches. Of course, you can also pick from various colour variants that vary depending on the design line.

Gira Smart Home light switch for retrofitting: an overview.

Smart Home switches from Gira are adapted to the various requirements of the networked home. Therefore, the various models differ in terms of technology, range of functions and design. The following sections provide an overview of the features of the Gira Smart Home light switches for KNX and eNet.

From simple to fancy: Switches for the wired Gira KNX.

In the KNX Smart Home area, Gira offers various switch variants for both simple and extensive purposes.

Here are the KNX switches from Gira:

Both the Gira KNX button and the Gira pushbutton sensor 3 can be cleverly combined with frame variants from the Gira System 55 to achieve beautiful accents on the wall. If you combine the switches with the Gira E2 frame variant in matt black, for example, they create a seamless look on the wall. If you want the switch to shine elegantly, it's best to go with Gira Esprit Bronze (PVD).

If, on the other hand, you prefer an extravagant design, then choose the Gira pushbutton sensor 4. High-quality materials, such as glass, stainless steel, aluminium and bronze (PVD) ensure an elegant appearance.

For the best possible overview, all KNX switches are equipped with a status LED. These provide information via adjustable colours as to whether the connected devices are switched on or off. In addition, individual labelling of all switches is possible.

Retrofitting light switches in the Gira eNet SMART HOME.

The Gira eNet operating top unit is designed for the wireless Gira eNet SMART HOME. The subtle design allows you to combine the Smart Home light switch with your preferred frame variant from the Gira System 55 and adapt it to your style.

Due to its wireless functionality, you have flexibility when positioning the switch. Either replace existing switching and dimming attachments with the eNet attachment or have it mounted freely on the wall using the adhesive mounting technique. Depending on the scope of your devices, you have the choice between a single and double control attachment.

Simply practical: The Gira eNet wireless operating top unit as a simple variant for switching the light on and off.

A comparison of the features of Gira smart switches.

In the following overview, you can see which smart switches are suitable for KNX and the Gira eNet SMART HOME. The list is also intended to help you find the right switch for your requirements.

enet switches comparison
Gira switches for KNX and the Gira eNet SMART HOME in direct comparison.

Smart Home switches: More operating convenience for retrofitting.

Regardless of whether you have a KNX, Gira eNet SMART HOME or Gira System 3000 – Gira offers the right switch variant for every system and every requirement. When planning, bear in mind that the effort required for retrofitting differs between the systems: While you have a great deal of flexibility when retrofitting in the eNet and Gira System 3000 and installing the switches is comparatively easy, KNX switches require KNX cables to be laid.

If you follow the aforementioned tips and carry out the planning along with one of our specialist partners, nothing will stand in the way of retrofitting your Smart Home switches.

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