How to set mood lighting scenes that fit your lifestyle

How to set mood lighting scenes that fit your lifestyle

Imagine being able to dim lights, turn them on fully, or turn them off automatically according to your moods, schedules, and activities: smart lighting control makes it possible.

  • Create mood lighting scenes for every occasion or activity.
  • Discover Gira wired and wireless Smart Home lighting systems.
  • Set IFTTT lighting connections to enjoy full automation.

Mood lighting scenes to suit your requirements.

Thanks to Smart Home technology, everything can be personalised – even your lighting. Smart lighting control lets you create, save, recall and even automate mood lighting scenes. These scenes are always saved under a unique name and run on combinations of Smart Home controls to create the perfect lighting ambience for you.

By customising your mood lighting scenes, you can make sure that the lighting at your house always complements your schedules, activities and events, be it a date night with your partner, a vibrant celebration or a cosy reading night at home.

You can enjoy fully automated or manual control over your lighting scenes. Once set, a lighting scene can be activated automatically according to its pre-set schedule or can be manually created or recalled when needed.

Your desired lighting scene for mornings, for example, can be set under the name of ‘waking up’. It will turn on in a dimmed state automatically every weekday at 7 am and grow brighter every minute to ensure gentle waking. Another scene could be ‘going to bed’, and can be set for night-time to make all lights switch off automatically at a defined time, except the night lights in your bathroom. A lighting scene ‘working from home’ for lighting up your study or workspace automatically during work hours might be useful for doing home office these days. You can set up another lighting scene ‘party’ which with its bright, colourful lights can be recalled whenever you host a get-together at home. Similarly, a lighting scene for ‘movie night’ can be used to set the right mood in your home theatre.

With Gira’s advanced smart lighting solutions, you can set as many mood lighting scenes as you want – to fit every part of your lifestyle. For this, you firstly need a Smart Home setup, which can either be KNX or wireless. Let’s find out next how these two systems work.

Gira KNX: A wired system for creating mood lighting scenes.

If you go for a KNX system, the Gira HomeServer or the Gira X1 will help you easily put complex scenarios into practice. Gira HomeServer or the compact miniserver Gira X1 connect the electrical KNX installation of your home or building to the computer network and Internet, so that you can intelligently and efficiently connect a vast range of technologies and functions to create the mood lighting scenes (or scenes with many other functions, like heating, entertainment and blind control) of your choice.

You will also need a smart control unit on which you’ll create, save and activate your desired lighting settings. This can either be a smartphone app or a console. For example, you can activate your desired lighting scene with a one-button command on the Gira G1 touch display console via the Gira Smart Home App (Homeserver/X1) or set their activation as per your pre-set schedules. Moreover, you can control your Gira HomeServer via voice commands. For this, you need a secure encrypted connection for remote access, Gira S1, and a language assistant of your choice, like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, to create the ambience you want. Imagine friends dropping by unexpectedly at your place on a weekend and you create the perfect ‘get-together’ lighting scene by a short and friendly command to your voice assistant on your way to the door.

What’s more – Gira KNX system also allows you to create If This, Then That (IFTTT) connections to make your lighting completely automated. IFTTT is a cloud service that makes it possible for several applications to be connected to one another – even across different manufacturers. Let’s say your smart alarm clock going off in the morning, and your ‘morning’ lighting scene switches on automatically in your bedroom. This works because you defined certain sequences, known as ‘applets’. They will assign each ‘if this’ to one or more ‘then that’s’ (known as a ‘trigger’ and an ‘action’ in the system, respectively). You can now assign each action to a trigger of your choice. For instance, if you prefer to watch TV before you go to bed, and want to turn off the TV and lights at the same time once you’re done watching, you can set the trigger ‘switch off the TV’ and the action ‘going to bed’ lighting scene. Smart, isn’t it?

Gira eNet Smart Home: A wireless system for creating mood lighting scenes.

If you choose a wireless system, like the Gira eNet SMART HOME wireless server (which is completely retrofittable), you can send commands to your smart lighting devices via Bluetooth and WiFi. Instead of running a central nervous system through the walls of your home, devices are linked up with one another wirelessly. Compared to a KNX smart home, wireless setups are more flexible and are designed for pretty much any living space, making them ideal for making existing properties smart.

You can create and trigger lighting scenes via the eNet SMART HOME app or with the help of the Gira eNet wireless operating top unit. You can also control all aspects of your Gira eNet SMART HOME with a smart console, like the aforementioned Gira G1. Gira eNet SMART HOME is enabled for voice control as well. So, instead of reaching for your smartphone to turn on the light, you can simply say, “Alexa, good morning” to activate the pre-set ‘morning’ lighting scene.

Light up your world with Gira.

In addition to making mood lighting scenes possible, Gira also offers a range of manual and automated lighting control solutions to let you operate your lighting with a switch, smartphone, dimmer and even your movement. With these solutions, you can set the right mood for any occasion, enjoy effective illumination and ensure enhanced safety at all times. Click here to browse all of our lighting solutions.

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