Apart from comfort, security should also be a top priority in your Smart Home. Of course, this includes protecting your personal data. Gira solutions ensure that you will have nothing to worry about – whether you are home or away.

Smart Home data protection: closing security gaps

Thanks to digital networking, you can enjoy maximum flexibility in the Gira Smart Home, which is individually customised to fit you. At home, you can conveniently set the heating temperature in the entire house at the touch of a finger with the Gira G1. When you're out and about, you can switch off that light you forgot about when you left the house. And thanks to IoT, your robotic vacuum cleaner automatically does its job while you're away. When you return home, you'll not only be greeted by a brightly lit house, but also by freshly brewed coffee.

As convenient as all this all sounds, keep in mind that every device can be a potential Smart Home security breach, which can be used to gain access to other people's devices. But don't worry: potential security gaps can be cleverly closed in the Gira KNX system with the Gira S1 module and the KNX Secure security standard.

Gira S1: the guardian of your data

Integrating voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant is a great way to explore the full potential of your KNX system. But by allowing third-party services to access your Smart Home, you also become a target for strangers who might read out personal data under the guise of providing practical functions. That's where the Gira S1 comes in: the security module checks in advance which external data accesses the Gira HomeServer or the Gira X1.

The following illustration shows how the Gira S1 secures all connections to your Smart Home server. Data exchange with the Gira device portal, remote control via smartphone, and remote maintenance can thus be done safely.

How the Gira S1 security module works

To reliably protect your KNX, the Gira S1 automatically connects to the Gira device portal, which you use to manage all access rights. Communication between the security module and the Gira device portal is encrypted so that no unwanted visitors can log in. In addition, the connection is secured with certificates that identify the data. This way, the Gira S1 reliably detects which data can be let into your Smart Home.

The Gira System 106 door intercom, as well as the Gira home station, are also connected to the Gira HomeServer based on the same principle. This closes security gaps that can arise through remote control.

Don’t worry though: You won't notice any of these security mechanisms when controlling your Smart Home.

"The Gira S1 serves as a protective shield for your Smart Home – so you don't have to worry about your personal data."

– Jan Klee, Gira Smart Home expert

KNX Secure: the digital shield for your Smart Home

To prevent unauthorised users from accessing your KNX system, the international, cross-manufacturer security standard KNX Secure protects your entire network in the Smart Home.

For this purpose, all connections between switches, devices and the Gira server are encrypted. For even greater security, KNX Secure also secures the data with the help of authentication. Possible scenarios such as unauthorised access, manipulation of the Smart Home or eavesdropping are thus prevented.

Therefore, with KNX Secure you close any existing Smart Home security gaps while at the same time ensuring the best possible data protection for your Smart Home.

The following Gira products are compatible with KNX Secure: