More than switches: new products made by Gira

More than switches: new products made by Gira

Your comfort and safety is our top priority. That's why Gira offers so much more than switches: here are the latest product releases and updates, from automated blind control to energy-efficient heating for your Smart Home.

Gira continues the development of its product lines. With many exciting updates to already popular products, there come three new exciting products: the Gira Pushbutton Sensor 4, the Gira motion detector Cube and the Gira Esprit bronze. Browse through the new intelligent smart home solutions: new and updated features, new design varieties.

Gira pushbutton sensor 4: The newer, smarter light switch.

The new smart light switch, the Gira pushbutton sensor 4, is the next development of the Gira pushbutton sensor 3. Not only pleasing to the eye, it also sleek to the touch and pleasant to control. Its design language is versatile whilst being available in white glass, black glass, stainless steel, aluminium and aluminium black. This lets it fit in seamlessly with a wide range of interior styles. To add to this, each button has an LED light that can be configured with eight different colours. It also has an integrated temperature and humidity sensor as well as an additional connection for an external sensor.

Gira Tastsensor 4
Be the master of your home's functions with the pushbutton sensor 4.

Gira Motion Detector Cube: A motion sensor that blends in with modern architecture.

The beautiful, modern design of the Gira motion detector Cube fits in wonderfully to both old and new architectural structures, available in pure white glossy or anthracite. While it does pick up on movement, it has a specific focus on thermal motion and the level of brightness. A gust of wind won’t switch it on – saving you even more energy. What’s more, you can set the angle either narrow (at 120 degrees) or wide (240 degrees). Nothing escapes the Cube.

Gira Bewegungsmelder Cube freigestellt
The Gira motion detector Cube doesn't just save energy - it's subtle and yet looks good.

Gira Esprit Bronze: An exciting, classy addition coming soon to Gira Esprit design line.

The Gira Esprit design line will soon be available in bronze stainless steel. This sleek new update will be introduced in early 2021. Its elegant appearance isn't only classy, but also timeless. The Gira Esprit line can be combined with 300 functions from Gira System 55.

Gira Produkt Esprit Bronze
Gira Esprit, beautiful bronze - make your home classy and modern.

Gira Door Station System 106: Coming soon in two classy new colours.

The flexible, modular Gira System 106 already means that you can configure a door intercom to your own specific needs, both in terms of practicality and design. And in early 2021, Gira System 106 will be available in two new sleek, modern colours: bronze stainless steel and black matt. Not only can you interact with visitors before opening the door, you can impress them with a beautiful intercom system. Since each component is easily replaceable, you can design however you want: simply remove and replace.

Gira System 106
Gira Door Station System 106: In two exciting new colours, an invitation like no other.

Gira E2 and System 55 in Grey Matt: Uniform, yet sleek and timeless.

From 10/2020, the Gira E2 design line is available in a new incarnation: grey matt. Sleek and timeless, this may be the beautiful yet subtle touch your home is looking for. Over 200 functions of Gira System 55 are also available in a matte grey. Together, they can fit seamlessly into sophisticated architecture and modern furnishing styles.

Gira Produkt System55 Grau Matt
Different functions, uniform colour and design - Gira E2 in System 55, grey matt.

Gira KNX Button: Classic control of smart technology.

Especially designed for buildings with a fitted KNX system. As well as having an integrated temperature sensor, the Gira KNX button comes with an integrated LED, making it usable as a night light. Available form 10/2020.

Gira Produkt KNX Taster Sec
A classic way to control a KNX system.

Gira E2 & Standard 55 Surface-Mounted Solution.

The lack of wires isn’t a problem if you want to install Gira E2 and Gira Standard 55 with a new, surface-mounted solution. Thanks to wiring, it can be retrofitted almost anywhere and integrated into the 300 functions of System 55. Available in pure white glossy.

Gira Produkt E2 Aufputz
No wires? No problem. Gira E2 surface-mounted - perfect for retrofitting.

Gira System 3000 with Integrated Room Temperature Controller: Conveniently control your temperature.

Thanks to Gira System 3000, controlling your lights and blinds has never been easier. However, the new addition to the Gira System 3000 with the room temperature controller means easier heating control. You can set a timer which turns the heat on when you want (and saving money and energy). The Comfort version can be controlled via the Gira bluetooth app and has Holiday Mode and up to 40 timers. There is also an integrated temperature sensor.

Gira Produkt System3000 RTR
Warm enough, cool enough? Your home temperature is yours with the room temperature controller.

Gira DCS Mobile App: More features for more comfort.

The Gira DCS mobile app now comes with new features for extra comfort and convenience. With this new software update, you can now spontaneously check who is standing at the door – whenever you want, without anyone having to ring the bell. Up to 200 pictures can be stored, giving you a visual record of who has visited recently. And of course, you can still speak to your visitor and even open the door – from a distance.

Gira Produkt TKS mobil
Gira DCS mobile app offers more features, and more comfort.

Gira G1 KNX control unit with KNX Secure.

The Gira KNX control unit with KNX Secure ensures secure communication with other KNX devices. Consider it your "command device" for controlling the heating, shutters and more. The device itself is particularly enticing, not only in terms of its simple yet classy design. Even with regards to colour, users get a choice between white and black. The update is available from 06/2020.

Gira G1 in weiss
Gira G1 for KNX control - data-secure, yet practical and connected.

Gira KNX Presence Detector Mini Komfort: Retrofittable - anywhere.

Subtle, yet quick to act. The Gira KNX presence detector Mini Komfort is receiving several upgrades from 06/2020. This now includes an integrated temperature sensor. It measures the room temperature and reacts accordingly, as well as picking up on thermal motion. This means less energy wasted. Thanks to a subtle design, it is unobtrusive. Available in flush-mounted and surface-mounted installations, it can be retrofitted anywhere.

Gira Produkt KNX Praesenzmelder Mini
Subtle, practical. Thermal motion sensors mean less energy wasted in your home.

Gira USB Power Supply: You have the power.

The Gira USB power supply is particularly captivating thanks to foresight and future-proof thinking. Convenience is key here, as you are able to charge two devices at once, fast. Not only that: it is both USB C and USB A compatible. This is thanks to a maximum current of 3000 mAH. It is also compatible with Gira System 55.

Gira Produkt USB Spannungsversorgung
Time for a plug upgrade - both USB A and USB C connections catered for.

Gira eNet Wireless Operating Unit: Control your lighting & blinds, easily.

With the Gira eNet wireless operating unit, you’ve got your entire smart home at your command. Control the lights, blinds. You can even control them by voice command. Control either through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. What’s more, it’s compatible for functions of the System 3000.

Gira Produkt eNet Funk Bedienaufsatz reinweiss glaenzend
Your home under control, at the touch of a button: With this connected control panel, you've got complete control over all devices in your eNet system.

Gira eNet SMART HOME Voice Control.

The free update of the Gira eNet server means that Gira eNet SMART HOME can be controlled via voice command, in connection with either Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Configuration is easy and controlling your smart home has never been easier.

Gira Produkt eNet SmartHome Sprachsteuerung
Control your home, with your voice.