Tapetentrends 2023
Time for a change of scene? The wallpaper trends for 2023 will make you want to mix things up, and they offer any number of options to choose from – from florals to concrete. Join us in discovering the top 5 hottest designs this year.

Would you like to give your home a new look? A modern wall design will bring a breath of fresh air to your own four walls – without a huge outlay. We reveal the top five wallpaper trends for 2023 so you can add a touch of contemporary flair to any room in no time at all. 

Tapetentrends 2023
Use petrol paint to create an atmospheric ambience in the staircase. Source: Instabilelab

1. Natural luxury: elegance in harmony with nature

Organic structures and restrained elegance: this trend aims to capture the beauty of nature. Wallpapers in a natural luxury style contrast warm white tones and pastel hues with elegant highlights in a gold or metallic finish. The outcome: bold yet calming and authentic wallpaper designs that create a relaxed atmosphere, allowing your eyes and mind to feel at ease. 

Marburg is dedicating its own collection to the natural luxury wallpaper trend this year with a ‘Natural Opulence’ design line focusing on the appreciation of living in harmony with nature. Inspired by natural materials such as wood, cork and stone, the wallpapers create an ambience of well-being. The Gira Esprit design line in bronze (PVD) will add the finishing touch to your wall's elegant look. 

Tapetentrends 2023
The tree bark pattern: natural and stylish at the same time. Source: Marburger Tapetenfabrik
Tapetentrends 2023
The design variations of the Gira Esprit series are an eye-catcher on any wallpaper. Source: Gira

2. A matter of form: geometric patterns among the wallpaper trends in 2023

Geometric shapes are totally in vogue when it comes to wall design. This year’s trend is pointing towards particularly large-format patterns. The Viva Magenta wallpaper available from Hovia plays with circular shapes, inspired by the Pantone Colour of the Year 2023 of the same name. Rebellious red is at the heart of an exciting blend of colours – inviting, bold, and ideally suited for a feature wall in the living room or dining room. 

Matching light switches are the crowning feature for this ambience. The stylish Gira Studio design line with its rounded design looks great among all the circles. 

3. Industrial look: deceptively real illusions

Is that real…? The next trend covers what are known as ‘lookalike’ wallpapers. These imitate surfaces with absolute authenticity and are in high demand when it comes to wall design. Lookalike wallpapers in an industrial style are particularly popular this year.  

The latest designs reproduce corrugated iron or brick walls, adding urban flair to your home. The Bare Concrete wallpaper mural available from Hovia gives you the trendy factory look in its purest form. To highlight the raw character, install surface-mounted socket outlets and light switches: the Gira surface-mounted E2 is very easy to retrofit and its angular design adds fitting accents against the sober appearance of concrete. 

4. Flower power: floral patterns as a wallpaper trend in 2023

Wallpapers with floral designs are enjoying a major comeback this year. From dreamy floral patterns to lush bouquets of roses and minimalist prints featuring blooms: floral patterns never fail to catch the eye and can transform the atmosphere in a room. The multicoloured floral wallpaper from the latest collection by A.S. Création and the floral patterns from Instabilelab turn even a bare hallway into a pleasant space.  

It is important to remember that floral wallpapers have an effect that is anything other than restrained. In this case, less is more, and some thought needs to be put into your choice. Furnishings and decorations should therefore be more muted, and their style should harmonise with the wallpaper. Our tip: have a sample sent to you first – and if everything matches, then you’re free to transform an entire wall into a field of flowers.  

Tapetentrends 2023
Set extraordinary accents with floral patterns. Source: Instabilelab
Tapetentrends 2023
Floral patterns are not only conquering the walls, but also matching carpets in 2023. source: Instabilelab

5. Scandinavian style: cosy wallpapers for more hygge

Comforting, warm and familiar: hygge, the Scandinavian way of living well, has long since evolved into an interior style of its own, and is now making inroads onto our walls. As one of the top wallpaper trends in 2023, these wall coverings in hygge style will add an extra dash of well-being to your home. 

Tapetentrends 2023
One of the top wallpaper trends in 2023: Hygge-style wallcoverings. Source: Wallpaper studio Abacus
Tapetentrends 2023
The Gira E2 design perfectly matches the Scandinavian wallpaper style. Source: Gira

The subtle patterns in the Hygge collection from A.S. Création radiate a sense of calm and relaxation. Coarser fabric structures also lend the wallpapers a pleasant look and feel. Would you prefer something a bit more dynamic? The Scandinavian 2-Collection is an interplay between striking contrasts and perspective, light, and 3D effects – and will bring a lot of vitality to your room. Add even more of a natural feel with the right switch design: the Gira Esprit linoleum-plywood design line is made of organic materials sourced from renewable raw materials. 

Natural luxury, industrial look or Scandi style: the wallpaper trends in 2023 will create the right backdrop for any room. Last but not least, the Gira Design Configurator features a live-view mode that makes it a cinch to try out which switch design makes your new wall design pop – because when the walls are right, then everything else is too.