Sometimes, a change of colour can do wonders for our mood. Even better when it comes with eye-catching highlights – such as an unusual wall design, for example. To give you some ideas, we’ve sought out the latest wallpaper trends for 2022. Floral patterns, exotic animals, golden accents, and optical illusions: there’s definitely something for any taste.  

Trend no. 1: when your wall becomes a piece of art

You love wandering around in museums or galleries? With the right wallpaper, you can easily bring “artsy” vibes into your own home. The basic rule of thumb: nothing’s off limits. Just like an artist, you can use your wall as a blank canvas to experiment with colours, motives, and patterns. Intricate details or stark contrasts are a great choice if you want to make a bold statement. Soft pastel hues and fluid shapes, on the other hand, will blend in harmoniously without drawing too much attention.

Kravet, a global retailer for exclusive interior design, presented some stunning examples of the artsy wallpaper trend during the Paris Déco Off in March 2022: inspired by French classicism, the collection Bohème II plays with earthy shades of honey, auburn, ivory, and indigo.  

Tapetentrends Kavet
Wallpaper with golden highlights adds a touch of glamour to your living room. Source: Kravet

Trend no. 2: growing flowers on the wall

We all need a little bit of green at home – whether it’s a huge garden, a small balcony, or just some pot plants on the windowsill. The floral wallpaper trend takes it one step further: artful patterns of booming flowers will make you feel as if spring has just arrived, no matter how bad the weather outside. Our tip: wooden furniture and natural textiles (e.g. cotton or wool) further accentuate the “outdoor” atmosphere.

Collage Instabilelab
Floral patterns on the wall create a cosy, bohemian ambience. Source: Instabilelab

Picking up on this trend, German manufacturer Designers Guild has released a collection of botanic wallpapers with a dreamy, playful appeal. You can choose from an endless array of designs, including pink cherry blossoms, emerald meadows, and white daisies. To put the floral paintings centre stage, we recommend a light, neutral background such as white floors, ceilings, and furniture.

Blumentapete Designer Guild
Blooming contrasts: the colourful wallpaper blends in effortlessly with its white and blue surroundings. Source: Designers Guild.

Trend no. 3: let your walls run wild

Floral patterns are not the only way to take nature inside. If you have a liking for extraordinary interior, you’ll love this trend: wallpaper inspired by tropical wildlife. Luscious succulents, majestic tigers, and colourful parrots transform any room into a magical rain forest. With a playful mix of naturalistic and fantastic elements, the latest creations for 2022 make us dream of exotic wonderlands, far away from our everyday troubles. Edmond Petit was one of the manufacturers who put this trend on the map, as showcased during the Paris Déco Off.

Papageientapete Edmond Petite
Even the figurines on the coffee table seem fascinated by the artful paintings on the wall. Source: Edmond Petit
Collage Jungle Tapete Rasch Juicy Walls
Growing a wild jungle in the living room? All you need is the right wallpaper. Source: Rasch Juicy Walls

Another great example: exotic wallpaper designs from the Italian company Instabilelab. Soft nuances, muted colours, and lifelike drawings come together in mesmerising sceneries that always seem to have something new to discover. Extra tip for those with a keen eye for detail: Gira Esprit light switches in linoleum-plywood frames perfectly accentuate nature-based interior.

Trend no. 4: wallpaper with an elegant touch

If you’d like to add a hint of glamour but still keep it simple, minimalist luxury might be just what you’re looking for. In the spirit of “less is more”, this interior style focuses on the small details that create a sophisticated yet homely ambience. The same goes for trending wallpaper designs which combine natural colours and meticulous craftsmanship. Their surfaces not only look like bouclé or woven cane – they feel like it, too. With shades ranging from pastel white to glimmering gold, an ordinary wall thus becomes a sophisticated (under-)statement.

Want to make sure that your switches and socket outlets match your new wallpaper? Then we recommend a classic design line such as Gira E2 in pure white: its clean, streamlined aesthetic blends in seamlessly without distracting from the room’s centre pieces. You can also use the Gira design configurator to see how the frame variants of your choice will look on your wall.   

Collage Erfurt Wallart Hohenberger Crafted
Retro-style interior can feel chic and homely at the same time. Source: Erfurt Wallart / Hohenberger Crafted

During the Paris Déco Off, Edmond Petit presented its own take on minimalist luxury wallpapers, based on the textile collection of Madeleine Castaing

Trend no. 5: wallpaper that plays tricks on the eye

Last but not least, there’s one trend you shouldn’t miss in 2022: optical illusions on the wall. At first glance, you’ll think that you’re looking at marble or wood panelling – when in fact, it’s just detailed graphics. Some wallpaper designs even imitate soft textile materials such as satin or silk.

Collage Graue Tapeten von Rasch Wallart
Elegant or industrial? Grey wallpaper designs come in many different styles. Source: Rasch Wallart

At the Paris Déco Off, Asteré showcased a wallpaper design reminiscent of a natural stone wall. The French brand regularly collaborates with contemporary artists to create unique interior collections.

Out tip: if you opt for a wallpaper imitating rustic materials (e.g. concrete or brickstone), Gira E2 switches in grey matt will bring out the industrial appeal even more.

Bountiful gardens, exotic animals, special visual effects: the new wallpaper trends for 2022 are anything but ordinary. They invite us to think outside the box and get creative – but always staying close to nature. Who knew it only takes a bit of paint to transform the living room into a wild jungle or a luxurious lounge area? We’re excited to see how these trends will find their way into real-life homes this year.