Gira Design Configurator

Design Configurator for switches and socket outlets.

The captivating “Live View” mode uses a smartphone's or tablet's camera to show how selected design variants look in your real-​life environment.

When moving or renovating, every detail counts: the window curtains should match the furniture and the floor should harmonise with the wallpaper. But what about the switches and socket outlets on the wall? The Gira Design Configurator uses augmented reality to show you how a certain frame variant will look on your wall, even before it is installed. All Gira design lines and socket outlets are included in the planning tool, from Gira Standard 55 and Gira E2 to Gira Studio and Gira Esprit.

Easy access via app.

The desired colour, material and function can be selected for every Gira switch and socket outlet model online or via app. The convenient Configurator app can be used to realistically depict how a Gira switch range, e.g. Gira Esprit with its matt-finished surface, matches your beige wall colour.

All you need to do is download the Design Configurator app from the App Store or Google Play Store and print out a tracking motif from the Gira website. Then place the tracking motif on your living room wall (or wherever you'd like to install the Gira switch) and scan it with your tablet or smartphone in "Live View" mode.

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