Steurer show villa exterior view of Lake Garda.
Villa Steurer in South Tyrol is not only able to activate our wanderlust and desire for a holiday in the south, but also demonstrates the state of the art in interior design and smart home technology. Have a look inside with us.

Living needs are as varied as people and their life situations. The experts at “Steurer Interior Living Design” experience this almost daily in their work. The company from South Tyrol specialises in individual interior design for different needs and lifestyles. The international clientele can get an idea of what is possible in terms of furnishing, design, and smart living in a special model villa.

Villa Steurer demonstrates excellence in interior design

The idyllic location alone makes Villa Steurer a special place. Floor-to-ceiling windows offer an unobstructed view of the picturesque Lake Garda. When it came to the furnishings, interior expert and builder Kurt Steurer demonstrated the highest level of competence and excellence in his field: unpolished concrete walls, rough natural stone and artfully structured wall coverings meet smooth, gleaming surfaces and materials such as stainless steel, glass, and marble. In between, colour-coordinated textiles and elements made of wood and bronze add warm, vibrant accents. Matching neutral and natural colours such as beige, cream, and brown create a stylish ambience. The interior of the spacious, partly open-plan living area is matched by the equally well thought-out and harmonious technical equipment of Villa Steurer.

Smart living on Lake Garda: impressions of Villa Steurer

Designed as a show villa, Kurt Steurer shows his customers on Lake Garda what is possible in terms of interior, living and design - including Smart Home technology by Gira.

Gira turns the luxury villa on Lake Garda into a smart home

Both indoors and outdoors, the villa is extensively networked with smart solutions from Gira. During a visit to the Steurer home studio, customers can gain an impression of how intelligent technology makes living more comfortable, safer and more energy-efficient.

“The project is best practice. Kurt Steurer shows what the state of the art is. We can only congratulate him on this. For us at Gira, Villa Steurer is another impressive reference. It's great that we have the opportunity to show what we can do here.” 

Alfred Mölzer, Managing Director of Gira Austria

Steurer Reference Bathroom Round Aluminium
The Gira pushbutton sensor and the Gira Esprit socket outlets in aluminium brown complete the natural colour concept. Source: Patrick Schwienbacher
Steurer Reference Bathroom Esprit Bronze
Smart technology meets exceptional interior design in one of the bathrooms of the show villa. Source: Patrick Schwienbacher

From lighting and blind control to heating and door communication, the entire house technology is integrated into a KNX system. The Gira HomeServer serves as the central interface through which all functions and information of the KNX components converge. That way, the smart home can be controlled intuitively and flexibly via different operating devices.

Personalised scenes increase convenience

The wall-mounted Gira G1 serves as the central monitoring and control unit. Settings can be changed and personalised scenes can be created at the touch of a finger, for instance for lighting and music. Depending on the occasion, the appropriate ambience can be called up with one touch: For a cosy dinner, for example, the lighting in the dining area dims while the desired music plays in the background.  


Before leaving the villa, all building functions can be deactivated via a central off command on the touchscreen: the light in every room switches off and the heating shuts down. 


The Gira Smart Home app offers even more convenience and flexibility in how you control the system. It also enables simple remote access to your smart home via smartphone or tablet.

Automations make living safer and more energy-efficient

Technical processes and functions in the smart villa can be automated just as easily via the KNX system. For example, sensors can detect when a window is opened. In this case, the heating switches off automatically to prevent heat loss and save energy. The desired temperature can also be set individually for each room. The heating and cooling system then regulates itself according to the individual presets, providing an energy-saving feel-good climate.  


The automatic blind and light control system brings even more comfort and security to the modern villa: the blinds open automatically with the first rays of sunlight, gently waking potential residents with natural light. The lighting also adapts to the sunrise and sunset: When it gets dark in the evening, the atmospheric interior and exterior lighting switches on automatically.

Reference Villa Steurer
The Gira design is an eye-catcher on the exterior facade. Source: Patrick Schienbacher

In addition, Gira motion detectors automatically bring light into the darkness and make tripping hazards visible. The sensors provide orientation as soon as a person enters the detection range and switch the light off just as reliably.  

Gira technology harmonises with interior design

In the individual rooms and living areas, the building technology can be controlled with the latest generation of Gira pushbutton sensors. In the colour aluminium-brown, the push button sensor is an elegant visual eye-catcher, especially on the light concrete and stone walls. The buttons can be assigned individual functions, e.g. controlling the room temperature, light, and blinds.

Steurer Reference Bedroom spotlight
Steurer Gira pushbutton sensor 4 wall symbols

Versatility wins: whether in the bedroom or living area, the Gira solutions are functional and can be customised to match the design. Source: Patrick Schwienbacher

The Gira switches, buttons and socket outlets with their modern frame design are also stylish and functional eye-catchers outdoors. Next to the entrance door, the door intercom with a matt black stainless steel surface stands out against the light natural stone-look façade: here, the Gira System 106 simplifies door communication. In addition to the doorbell and a letterbox, the modular system also integrates a camera. When the doorbell rings, the camera feed is live-streamed to the Gira Smart Home app and the Gira G1. This makes it possible to see directly who is at the front door, talk to the visitor, and, if necessary, open the door remotely.  

What was conceived as a model villa for the Steurer residential studio also became a “Best Practice Project” for Gira. The luxury smart home on Lake Garda shows how intelligent technology can meet different wishes and living needs.