Experience comfort: control the Smart Home intuitively

Experience comfort: control the Smart Home intuitively

The Gira Smart Home offers you maximum convenience, efficiency, and security. Through the simple control and operation of lighting, blinds, heating and many other functions, you create a networked home that adapts harmoniously to your everyday life. Let's explore the future of living together and experience the comfort of an intuitive Smart Home.

More convenience and efficiency: how to control your Smart Home intuitively.

In the Smart Home, you can network and centrally control lighting, blinds, heating, and even household appliances. In doing so, you enjoy a high degree of flexibility, as you can control your home either via switches, voice control, or the digital user interface of the Gira Smart Home app. This way, you're always in control, whether you're relaxing on the couch or out and about.

Jalousiesteuerung über die Gira Smart Home App
Control your Smart Home intuitively, conveniently and reliably via app.

Further control options for your Gira Smart Home

Automations for more comfort and efficiency

Automated and time-controlled processes in the Smart Home enable residents to control tasks and devices efficiently. Intelligent systems execute processes automatically and time-controlled, for example, switching lights on and off or regulating room temperature. These automations offer you more convenience, increased efficiency and energy savings in everyday life.

Your Smart Home: flexibly customisable

After a one-time installation by a specialist company, the System 3000 from Gira offers you the option of setting it up yourself and programming it via the intuitive Smart Home app.

The Gira One Smart Home system also provides you with smart convenience features with many application and automation options. After the electrical contractor has installed the system, you can make changes independently via the Gira Smart Home app, set up scenes and integrate devices such as Sonos or Philips Hue. This way, you remain flexible and can design your Smart Home the way you want it.

The installation and setup of the Gira KNX systems, in which settings can be adjusted at any time as needed, works in the same way.

The Gira Smart Home systems at a glance.

Welcome to the future of living: with the Smart Home systems from Gira, you can transform your home into an intelligent oasis of convenience and efficiency. Control light, heating, and security simply via app and benefit from a networked living concept that revolutionizes your everyday life.