Plastic – versatile and robust

From Vitra’s Panton Chair and Kartell’s FL/Y pendant luminaire to Gira E2 switches: plastic designs have been popular among interior enthusiasts for decades.

The innovative force of polyethylene.

Plastic, as we know it today, first came to the forefront in the 1930s. Since then, it has revolutionised the industrial world: polyethylene serves as the basis for sterile packaging of medical products, the construction of energy-efficient buildings, and countless other commodities. Its highly flexible and resilient properties make plastic an ideal choice for Gira switches.

Synthetic and multi-faceted.

Plastic is lightweight, elastic, shatter-proof, temperature-resistant, and available in varying degrees of hardness. The material can be used to manufacture virtually any product – including Gira switches.

High quality, long lifespan, modern look: Gira products made from plastic.

The formative substance of Gira design lines.

From Gira E2 in classic rectangular shape to Gira Studio with its round accents: thermoplastic forms the basis for many distinguished Gira switches. The material is both adaptable and durable, resulting in products that literally last a lifetime.

I really value plastic because it allows me to freely experiment with all possible forms. An aesthetic and long-lived material.

Hans-Jörg Müller, Head of Product and Design


Plastic as a design highlight at home.

Edgy or round, light or dark, subtle or bold: in the world of Gira products, plastic inspires innovative creations. Dynamic and yet timeless. In colour variants such as grey matt, black matt, anthracite and pure white, Gira switches either turn into soft accents or eye-catching contrasts on your wall. Designs made from plastic thus complement any interior style: traditional, modern, luxurious or minimalistic.

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