Plastic – shatter-proof and temperature-resistant

Plastic – shatter-proof and temperature-resistant

From household appliances to medical equipment: plastic proves useful for a broad variety of devices.

  • The robust material is solid-coloured, with a surface that remains highly resistant to light and weathering.

  • Malleable and shatter-proof, plastic can withstand extreme temperatures and chemicals.

  • Smooth and shiny appearance, available in a wide range of colours.

Gira Standard 55, Serienschalter mit Doppelwippe, Farbe Reinweiß glänzend vor Esszimmer
Gira S-Color, red colour

Plastic: versatility that's made to last.

As a production material, plastic has a long-standing history at Gira. We even support other companies in the development and manufacturing of plastic components – including the integration of electronics, module assembly, and end device assembly. Our expert team constantly works on new solutions to meet ever-changing requirements, in particular for our own products. The properties of plastic remain unrivalled – its malleability, hardness, elasticity, and durability prove essential in various fields of application. Plus, the material can be produced in countless colours. For all these reasons, we rely on plastic for many of our Gira products. One example is the Gira S-Color design line, a classic with its unmistakeable round socket outlet and switch rocker. Switches are available in five colours: pure white, grey, black, blue, and red.

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