Gira motion detectors for outdoor use

Gira motion detectors help keep your property secure – even at night.

The Gira motion detector detects movement when darkness falls. It automatically switches the lights on and off again after a set period of time. Gira offers solutions for any size property or outdoor space.

Product features

Product automatically switches the light on/off when motion or darkness is detected.

Product for lighting control.

This product is suitable for retrofitting.

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Intelligent lighting control for large areas: Gira motion detector Cube.

The Gira motion detector Cube ensures reliable lighting control to guide you in the dark, even in extensive outdoor areas. Depending on the size of your property, the detection angle can be set at 120 or 240 degrees. The motion detector senses not only brightness levels, but also picks up on heat movement and therefore only reacts to people passing by. This prevents unintentional activation, for example by trees blowing in the wind. Thanks to its timeless design and compatibility with KNX systems, the Gira motion detector Cube fits well onto every housing facade and can be connected to any light source, such as Gira light and energy profiles.

Gira Bewegungsmelder Cube freigestellt
The Gira motion detector Cube combines smart technology and elegant, timeless design.