Homestory interiorhoch2 living room
What do you do if you are passionate about interior design, architecture, art, fashion and the finer things in life? Exactly! You use them to decorate your home. The result is unique. Step inside a dream that has become a home.

Simón is 38 years old and lives in beautiful Bochum, Germany. He works in sales in the energy industry. Between 2013 and 2014, he decided to post snapshots of his flat on Instagram. He quickly realised that the community liked what he had to show. Today, more than twenty thousand interior enthusiasts follow his Instagram account @interiorhoch2. We asked Simón for an interview.

In his home, Simón's passion for green is reflected in numerous green elements and details. Source: interiorhoch2

Gira Magazine: Simón, if we look at your Instagram account, the colour green runs through all your pictures. What is the story behind that?

Simón: I've always liked green – particularly this green. It was already my favourite colour as a child. A very telling story is that my grandmother had to take me through dozens of shops in different cities to find green rubber boots to wear in kindergarten. I'm sure she imagined it to be easier back then. Thanks, Grandma!

In the previous flat it was time for a new sofa. I knew immediately which one it should be. But I had to use all sorts of tricks to convince my then-partner. In the end, it worked, and a “bright” green velvet sofa moved in. Unfortunately, my sofa is not currently green – but that definitely has to change.

Over time, more and more green details have been added. Whether accessories, coloured walls, or other furniture in green. As soon as I discover an item I like, it goes on my wish list. I have always tried to balance the green accents with an otherwise calm colour scheme. In principle, there are three main colours in my interior: black, natural tones and green.

Homestory interiorhoch2 shelf
Homestory interiorhoch2 shelf

A plain black shelf becomes an eye-catcher with an exciting green lamp. Source: interiorhoch2

Gira Magazine: Which room is your absolute favourite and why? 

Simón: Great question! I feel super comfortable in the new flat and really like every room. But I think I currently like the bedroom best. It's the quietest, most relaxed room – in my opinion. It's also the room that is the most “finished”. And the one that comes closest to how I envision it.

Homestory interiorhoch2 bedroom 3
Black and green in harmony – a stylishly designed bedroom that exudes relaxation and serenity. Source: interiorhoch2

Gira Magazine: We also discovered a lot of design highlights in your rooms, such as chairs by Vitra. Would you say you are a collector of extraordinary furniture and accessories?

Simón: Perhaps not necessarily extraordinary. I would say I'm in the team "design classics". And there, everything is possible, from Bauhaus to Danish designs.

I try to invest in furniture and accessories that will be with me for a lifetime. Pieces that I may have adored as a child and dreamed of owning one day. In addition, there are also young designs that I think have what it takes to become classics. Or pieces like the crocodile by Artcanbreakyourheart that simply put you in a good mood and add a playful touch.

The list is still long and will be added to, shortened, and adapted to current needs over the years. In the best-case scenario, other beautiful classics will move in over time and delight me on a daily basis. I'm particularly fond of lamps, and there's still a lot to do.

Homestory interiorhoch2 bedroom 2
The inspiring selection of lamps gives Simón's bedroom a very special atmosphere. Source: interiorhoch2

Gira Magazine: What are your absolute design favourites?

Simón: Luminaires. There are so many classics, but also innovative designs that rethink light and create very unusual possibilities for staging rooms. At the top of my list are currently the Lampampe by Ingo Maurer and the Taccia by Flos.

My favourite designs and classics in my home are definitely my USM Haller furniture and my two AJ lamps by Arne Jacobsen for Louis Poulsen. Both pieces have inspired me since childhood.

Gira Magazine: Which Gira products have you installed in your home, and why did you choose Gira?

Simón: I equipped both the previous and the current flat entirely with Gira products. I picked the brand for several reasons. At first glance it was the designs, then the company itself: based in Germany, innovative and forward-looking. All this convinced me.

In terms of products, I opted for the minimalist classic Gira E2 in matt black. The switch design perfectly complements my interior design concept. I think sockets and switches make such a difference in a room, that it was already clear, even before I moved into the new flat, that I was going to replace all its switches and sockets.

Gira Magazine: Are there other products from Gira that you already have or would like to have?

Simón: I just retrofitted the Gira USB socket outlets and am thrilled that you can easily increase the potential of a single socket outlet with them. After all, umpteen devices often have to charge in parallel. The USB socket outlets are therefore an absolute game changer with minimal effort.

I also dream of a modern door intercom and a keyless entry solution for the front door. That's very cool and would also put my mind at ease. Not only because of the security aspect, but also because I tend to forget my keys.

Gira Magazine: New year, new me: what new home/interior project are you most looking forward to in 2024?

Simón: I'm most looking forward to tackling the kitchen. I'm already working on the concept and hope to implement the project at the turn of the year or early 2024: storage space, clear lines and as open a design as possible are the themes here.

I can't wait to design a real, grown-up kitchen and have it in my flat at the end. I still like the current one, but it's getting a bit long in the tooth and has a lot of unused space. At least the sockets are already “on fleek”.

Apart from that, there are lots of little tweaks to be made all over the place – and the new sofa, of course.

Gira Magazine: Simón, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions in such detail. We are already looking forward to new, inspiring content from you.