A modernly designed exhibition stand with the "GIRA" logo is visible, surrounded by people passing by.
The Light + Building trade fair in Frankfurt am Main is a global compass, pointing the way for the development of both intelligent lighting technology and pioneering building and home technology. The 2024 edition once again confirmed its role as an incubator for innovation and forward-looking ideas.

The Light + Building trade fair attracts companies from all over the world. With a level of internationality of 77% among the exhibitors, the majority come from countries such as Italy, China, Turkey, and many others. This demonstrates the global interest in the latest innovations in modern lighting design, smart buildings, and efficient energy management technology. This year, around 2,200 exhibitors showcased their innovations that do not only look impressive but also have the potential to save many millions of tonnes of CO₂ by 2030.

People engaged in bustling conversation at a Gira exhibition stand, themed around 'Space for a new way of thinking'.
A vibrant hub of innovation: over 151,000 trade visitors explored the Light + Building 2024 in Frankfurt am Main. Photo: Olaf Becker

“Be electrified”: electrification as a pioneer for sustainability

Under the motto “Be electrified”, Light + Building shows how intelligent energy management networks function and how household consumption can be optimized with electricity-generating systems, enabling savings of up to 30%. The three main themes of “Connectivity”, “Sustainability” and “Work + Living” run like a golden thread through the event – from lectures to special shows.

  • “Sustainability” focuses on the importance of sustainability, from the integration of renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic systems to solutions for energy management and storage. The integration of photovoltaics (PV) plays a central role in a sustainable energy future, which the trade fair highlights with solutions for PV systems and energy storage.

  • “Connectivity” highlights the role of digitalization and networking in efficient resource management. In smart homes and smart buildings, electrification and digitalization form the basis for the successful integration of different systems. With Gira Eco, for example, the charging station of an electric car can easily be integrated into a KNX Smart Home. This means that the charging process can be controlled intuitively at any time via the Gira Smart Home App or the Gira G1.

  • The “Work + Living” theme addresses the changing needs of living and working spaces and the importance of lighting technology for quality of life. The design of spaces has a significant impact on well-being, with innovative lighting technologies and designs playing a key role.

Welcome to the future: rediscovering the magic of light

The “Welcome Tomorrow” trend invites the industry and visitors to push the boundaries of the imaginable and immerse themselves in a world where light not only illuminates but enchants. By using advanced technologies and playing with visual effects, lighting solutions are created that bring movement, colour changes and sensory experiences into the space. These innovative concepts open up new dimensions of interior design, in which light is not only functional but becomes a central element of the emotional and aesthetic effect of the space.

As a leading innovator in the field of intelligent home and lighting control, Gira presented intelligent lighting systems at the fair that seamlessly integrate into this vision. The new products, such as the DALI Gateway Colour for KNX, make it possible to adapt the lighting to one’s individual daily routine and thus support “Human Centric Lighting”, which respects and promotes the natural rhythm of the human being.

A cozy living room with ambient lighting, featuring a comfortable sofa and an elegant arched floor lamp.
At the fair, Gira presented pioneering Smart Home solutions and intelligent lighting controls that harmoniously illuminate everyday life. Photo: Olaf Becker

Embrace Simplicity: back to the basics

In contrast to the technological wizardry of “Welcome Tomorrow”, the “Embrace Simplicity” trend emphasizes the beauty of simplicity and deliberate design. It focuses on the harmony between space, light, and materials, with an emphasis on sustainability, functionality, and emotional design. Natural materials and purist forms tell stories of craftsmanship and authenticity, creating a calm and inspiring atmosphere. This approach reflects a growing need to slow down and a desire to focus on the essentials.

Gira responds to this trend with the new Gira E1 design line, which is characterized by a minimalist but expressive design and can be used for over 300 functions from the Gira System 55. The design line combines sustainability and functionality with a timeless design that blends seamlessly into any ambience.

Person interacting with a display of various Gira E1 light switches in different colours and styles.
Discover the diversity of the new Gira E1 design line: Elegance in form and colour, perfect for any ambience – minimalist design, maximum functionality. Source: Olaf Becker

Creating Uniqueness: expressing the individual

“Create Uniqueness” celebrates individuality and artistic freedom in the design of light and space. This trend reveals a preference for the extraordinary and unconventional – for designs that tell stories and infuse rooms with character. By combining different materials, shapes, and technologies, unique lighting concepts and design pieces are created that transform the room into a personal space for expression.

Gira answers this call with design innovations such as the Gira System 106 in matt black, which enhances any entrance area and adapts to many environments. The matt surface texture and the resistant powder coating give the product a unique, timelessly stylish appearance that underlines the individuality of the user.

Shaping the future sustainably with intelligent solutions

In addition to these inspiring trends, Light + Building also presented concrete product innovations that embody the intersection of technology, design, and sustainability. The focus is on intelligent switches and smart home systems that intuitively adapt to the needs of the user while maximizing energy efficiency and comfort.

Gira has been focusing on economic, ecological, and social responsibility for many years and is committed to conserving resources, using renewable energy, and developing products that promote climate protection. With a strong focus on the well-being of its employees and social commitment in the region, Gira sets standards in sustainable product development and shows how intelligent design and technology can shape tomorrow's living.

Recycling and sustainability of Gira products. Source: Gira

At the Light + Building trade fair, Gira presented, among other things, the Gira E2 light grey in recycled material, an environmentally friendly switch with a 54% reduced CO₂ footprint thanks to recycled plastic used in its production. The switches, which offer the usual high Gira quality in design, feel, and quality, are a clear sign for the future of sustainable building technology and further proof that high standards in terms of safety, quality, and design can be combined with environmentally conscious action.

A forum for exchange and inspiration

Light + Building has become more than just a trade fair; it is a lively forum for exchange between designers, architects, planners, and technology enthusiasts. It offers a unique platform to experience the latest innovations, be inspired by leading experts, and gain insights into the future of lighting and building technology.