Gira Jahresrückblick 2020

Gira recap: our highlights of 2020

Gira recap: our highlights of 2020

From relaunching our website to winning awards, we share some of Gira's key accomplishments and highlights from the year of 2020.

Looking back at the new products, initiatives and achievements.

It's time to say goodbye to 2020 and ring in the new year. Looking back on 2020, we can see what an amazing journey we have embarked upon this year. From product innovation (for example, with the Gira motion detector Cube) to community engagement (via community contests, such as the switch challenge), this year proved to be remarkable at multiple levels.

Not only this, but we also revamped our digital look by relaunching the Gira website and offering an improved browsing experience for you. You can find information on our design lines, Smart Home solutions, architectural references and inspirational content for all your interior and smart technology needs.

Read on to find out the products we launched this year, the awards we won and the best inspirational content pieces we published.

Find our design lines, Smart Home solutions and inspirational content for all your interior and smart technology needs in our newly revamped website.

New and improved products.

In our pursuit of technological excellence, we develop new smart products and improve our existing ones. Here’s a roundup of our most successful products in 2020.

One of our breakthrough products launched this year is the Gira Motion Detector Cube. We gave a lot of thought to its design because the existing products on the market are functional but do not take the design aspect into account. So, we developed a unique cubic shape for this motion detector that fulfils the demand for a special design in addition to functionality and can be integrated harmoniously into existing architecture.

Another product, Gira Pushbutton Sensor 4, is proof that even switches can be versatile. Its elegant, minimalist surface conceals smart technology beneath which allows you to control different units in your KNX system, such as blinds and lighting. The pushbutton is available in versions with two, four or eight separately freely assignable buttons.

Gira System 3000 Room Temperature Controllerlets you control your heating with maximum simplicity and comfort. You can warm up your home whenever you want via time-controlled heating control while making sure that the heating automatically switches off at a preset time. This saves energy and enhances your living comfort.

In our list of stylish and functional products is the Gira USB Power Supply that comes with two slots for USB A and USB C. Not only does this socket outlet embodies the future-proof integration of new standards by helping you simultaneously charge two devices with extra connections required, but it also blends beautifully into your interior style.

Better engagement, stronger relationships.

In our pursuit of engaging with our community and fostering relationships with our customers, we always look for ways to communicate with them.

With the Switch Challenge, we sought to find out how our community lives with Gira. From our stylish design lines, such as the Gira Esprit Linoleum Plywood, to Smart Home systems and consoles, like the Gira G1, we got some interesting entries. Gira’s users shared stories about their association with the brand and beautiful home-interior photos.

Another online contest, Christmas Memory, gave our German social-media community a chance to win Smart Home gadgets and stylish interior décor prizes all through the advent time. The memory contest consisted of photo pair matching exercises. The sooner the contesters matched the pairs, the higher were their chances of winning exclusive prizes.

The best in Smart Home, product and design: Awards we won in 2020.

We were recognised quite a few times for our innovation and Smart Home offerings in 2020. The most prestigious awards that we won this year are as follows:

  • Red Dot Award, a coveted award for the outstanding design was awarded to us for two products. These are the Gira System 106, a door communication system in an elegant design and the Gira surface-mounted video home station Plus, a high-quality intercom system. We were also named the "Best Smart Building Brand".
  • We won the iF (International Forum) Design Award for two selected products – the Gira pushbutton sensor 4, a smart switch with flat construction and timelessly elegant design and Gira E2, a design original switch that comes in flat design and straight rocker.
  • This year, we also won three Architects' Darling awards that recognise the important decision-makers in the construction industry. We received a gold award for the "Best Website" and a silver award each for the "Best Film" and the "Best Product Innovation - Technology".

Content that you loved in 2020.

The Gira editorial team brings to you content related to Gira products and interior inspiration to help you better visualise, plan and actualise your living spaces.

Our top 5 content pieces of 2020 are:

In these articles, you can find insights into how Gira has been an active market player for over 100 years and find ideas on how to illuminate your home smartly and beautifully with Gira products.

This was our year 2020 – full of exciting innovations, a new digital look, best-in-industry accolades and strengthened relationships with our community. We hope Gira builds more next-gen Smart Home and designer products in 2021. See you all next year. Stay safe!