Gira Schalter Challenge Impressionen

Switch Challenge: Beautiful – This is how our community lives with Gira.

Switch Challenge: Beautiful – This is how our community lives with Gira.

"We are the ones with the switches, but we’re also so much more." We asked our community what makes Gira special to them. Our Switch Challenge shows the answers. Be inspired by the undoubtedly beautiful impressions.

Accents to marvel at: Gira Esprit in kitchen and bathroom.

Gira Esprit in der Küche
In Oles home, Gira Esprit blends wonderfully into the bathroom and kitchen. (Photo: Ole Hofmann)

When Gira Esprit moved in with Ole Hoffmann.

For our bathroom renovation, we decided to use Gira for the first time ever. In our opinion, Esprit in glass white goes extremely well with the cistern push plate and the grey tiles.
After renovating the kitchen, we went to our electrician and checked out a few Gira samples. As a huge fan of stainless steel, I immediately went for the Esprit in stainless steel. It’s simply great, both in weight and appearance. Almost as though it were milled from a solid block.
However, the contrast to our ceramic worktop was too strong. We eventually decided upon aluminium brown. It matches perfectly. For our plastered walls, we chose the Esprit in Glass white once more.
As a resident of Lüdenscheid, I’m of course familiar with a few switch design lines. That includes some of Gira’s market competitors.

Until now though, I’ve not had any frames in my hands that have quite the same look and feel as the Esprit series. I appreciate ist very high-quality workmanship.

Also beautiful on paper: Hand-drawn Gira products.

Gira Zeichnungen by Alexey Korolevich
The design of the Gira products inspired Alexey to start drawing again after years. (Photo: Alexey Korolevich)

How the Gira design rekindled Alexey Korolevich's passion for drawing.

I have been working at the Gira location in Moscow for 11 years and know all about Gira products. Since I work from home a lot, I save much time that I would otherwise spend on the way to and back from work. In the last few months I have used this time for drawing. The last time I did this, I was still going to university. So it's been a while.

At first, I didn't know what to draw. Then I decided on the Gira products because they inspired me with their minimalist design. I noticed that simple shapes are the hardest to draw. Proportions, shadows and small details are particularly striking. But I find that I get a little better with every new drawing.

You can find more of Alexey’s drawings on Instagram.

Elegance in system: System 55 throughout the house.

Gira System 55 im Wohnzimmer
The Gira System 55 in black matt matches perfectly with the furnishing style of Laura and Christian. (Photo: Laura Schneider)

Small highlights in matt black on the walls of Laura and Christian.

We chose the System 55 in black matt because the noble and simple design appealed to us directly. For us, the black switches and sockets are an absolute highlight in our house. They are the reason we would always go for products from Gira.

You find more visual impressions of the house on Instagram.

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