One loft, countless facets

One loft, countless facets

It’s not a living space, its creators say, but a cocktail. Hayloft in Kiev is a lively, highly charged mixture that can be anything: experimental kitchen, art exhibition and showroom, private party location or bar – but above all, a place where plenty of friends can come together.


Loft Büro


Andrey Avdeenko


Kiev, Ukraine

Each area has its own style, every function is perfectly staged. (Photo: Andrey Avdeenko)

Commercial ruin with great potential

In a run-down and uninhabitable commercial ruin, architects Oleg Volosovskyi and Elena Logvynets immediately saw the diverse possibilities for creating a sensational loft. But first a two-year structural renovation was needed: a new roof, a new façade, new supply lines and exteriors, and also state-of-the-art, efficient building services. Then the interior construction and design of the loft started. From the beginning, the quest for antiques and art went hand in hand with the interior design. Some of the objects became characteristic icons of Hayloft.  

Clever interplay of material and functionality. (Photo: Andrey Avdeenko)

Tradition meets future

The ironic prelude to the almost 200 m2 loft is a large mural next to the entrance door: the two Soviet space dogs Belka and Strelka guard the entrance, a rusty metal door in a wall of black handmade ceramic. This leads into the enormous living area which is two stories high in places. The spatial arrangement is defined by a central staircase, partly suspended from steel cables, leading to the upper level with a seating gallery and the private bedrooms. The ground floor has two focal points: firstly, a traditional fireplace whose emerald green tiles recall life in Kiev in the 17th and 18th centuries, and secondly the kitchen area set under the gallery, which also becomes a bar in the blink of an eye. 

Flexibility plays a major role not only in terms of design, but also in terms of function. (Photo: Andrey Avdeenko)

Down to the smallest detail

Despite the variety of functions of the loft and the diversity of art exhibits on display, harmoniously integrated from a wide variety of styles and epochs, everything in Hayloft is united by a consistent love of expressive detail and high value. From the solid blown glass ceiling lamps created by Oleg Volosovskyi himself to the huge historic double doors leading to the sleeping area, everything is staged with relish. The round surface-mounted installation from the Gira Studio design line, combined with the Gira pushbutton sensor 3, also fit perfectly into the picture. Here, they are art – another flavour added to the cocktail. 

Stylish and harmonious: Gira Studio surface-mounted socket outlets become a design detail. (Photo: Andrey Avdeenko)

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