Gira Socket Outlets for Indoors

Life is varied – and so are our socket outlets.

Gira indoor socket outlets connect you with the power solution that matches your lifestyle.

The Gira socket outlet range boasts a diverse range of designs and functions. Gira socket outlets can be adapted and expanded with complete flexibility to suit your needs. From integrated increased contact protection and lighting to models with hinged covers – Gira has the solution you’re looking for.

Product Features

This product is suitable for retrofitting.

Different frame variations are available in numerous shapes and colours.

More flexibility at home: power supply with USB A and C.

The multitude of different USB connection types often means you need to remain flexible. The Gira USB Power Supply unit can help you with this, enabling a the connection of alternative charging cables with its USB-A and USB-C slot. So you can be sure to have the right connection for each of your mobile devices.

Gira Produkt USB Spannungsversorgung
Beautiful, varied and flexible for your needs.

Gira SCHUKO socket outlet.

Classic, timeless and practical: the Gira SCHUKO socket outlet. Choose from a wide range of materials, colours and designs to match your personal interior style.

SCHUKO socket outlet with integrated increased contact protection.

Kids like to explore. If you’ve got children at home, Gira socket outlets with increased contact protection come highly recommended. The “shutter” feature – the integrated increased contact protection” – reduces the risk of your child coming into contact with live parts.

Inscribable socket outlets.

The more devices you connect, the more important it is to be able to track what you’ve plugged in and where. Gira’s solution? Clear labels for connections that tell you which appliances need a constant power supply, such as refrigerators.

30° rotated socket outlet.

Rotating the socket by 30° makes it significantly easier to connect devices with angled plugs, such as televisions, computers and printers; it’s also ideal for use in energy profiles and underfloor systems.

Gira USB power supply.

Charge your smartphone, tablet or digital camera directly from your socket outlet – without a separate plug. The Gira USB power supply has two ports.

The smartphones of the future will only have a USB C charging connection. With the Gira USB power supply, you’ll be able to charge your smartphone today and in the future.

With 3000 mA of power, you won’t need to wait long for a full charge. Your tablet or smartphone recharges fast and efficiently.

But the Gira USB power supply isn’t just designed for speed; it looks great in your home, too. You can choose your favourite coordinated frame for your USB power supply from any of the Gira design lines that are compatible with System 55 products, including the Gira E2.

Gira USB-Spannungsversorgung 2fach, E2, Farbe Reinweiß glänzend
Gira USB power supply 2-gang, E2, colour pure white glossy.

SCHUKO socket outlet with control light.

Keep on top of your connections – with the Gira socket outlet with control light. The light tells you whether or not the power to the socket is switched on. Handy, especially in buildings where lots of different circuits are installed. The lights also help you work out which socket outlets are controlled via separate switches.

SCHUKO socket outlet with LED orientation light.

We’ve all been there: If you need to use the toilet at night, it can be difficult to find your way to the bathroom in the dark. The Gira SCHUKO socket outlet with LED orientation light brings light into the darkness, and is equipped with a twilight sensor that automatically switches the light on in the dark and off when daylight breaks.

Gira E2 for flush mounting, colour pure white glossy, SCHUKO Socket Outlet with LED orientation light.

SCHUKO socket outlet with hinged cover.

The hinged cover of the socket outlet can be extended over the socket and features two engagement points at angles of 110° and 160°.

RCD-protected socket outlet.

Live in an older property? Then the Gira RCD-protected socket outlet is a simple and safe retrofit option. Whether it’s in the bathroom, kids’ bedroom or in the kitchen, with the Gira RCD-protected socket outlet you can prevent the fault currents that can cause potentially fatal electric shocks. As a functional insert in the Gira System 55 range, you can combine this socket outlet with any of the coordinated cover frames from the Gira design lines.

SCHUKO socket outlet with overvoltage protection.

Make sure you’re safe during storms and prevent overvoltage, which can severely damage your electrical appliances. With this socket outlet with integrated overvoltage protection, you can safely reduce the voltage flowing to your devices in plenty of time. Overvoltage protection can also be retrofitted to existing socket outlets.

Flush-mounted water-protected socket outlet.

Specific areas come with their own specific requirements – so Gira offers water-protected socket outlets and switches for outdoor use. Appliances connected to the sockets can also be switched off from inside. For appliances located away from your main property – for example, washing machines installed in separate areas on sites with multiple buildings – the lockable model from the TX_44 is the perfect choice. As usual, the Gira solution incorporates multiple options. You can choose socket outlets from the design lines Standard 55, E2, Esprit, Event, Studio, ClassiX, S-Color and the Gira F100, and add accessories for water protection.

Surface-mounted water-protected socket outlet.

Socket outlets from the Gira water-protected surface-mounted system are protected against splashes (IP44) or fully water-resistant (IP66). The material is also resistant to oil, grease, fuel and chemicals. The socket outlets are ideal for use in workshops, cellars and garages.

Matching Design Lines as Frames

Gira E2 Manuelle Jalousiesteuerung Aufsatz Gira

Gira E2

The design line with an edge. Contemporary or timeless.


Gira Esprit

New accents. New spirit.

Gira Event Anthrazit

Gira Event

More than a switch. An experience.


Gira Standard 55

Standards can never be set high enough.


Gira Studio

Squaring the circle.

Gira ClassiX Bronze

Gira ClassiX

Glamour for your home.


Gira E3

Designed to touch. A thousand times over.