Gira System 106

With Gira, your smart door intercom system turns into a design statement.

The modular Gira System 106 enables you to configure door intercom systems according to your requirements. As the counterpart to Gira indoor stations, it covers all essential functions including doorbell, camera, name plate, and house number at the entrance. Robust materials and modern technology ensure a high level of convenience and safety. Another benefit: Gira System 106 is compatible with all Gira home stations and door communication solutions.

Colour variants

Stainless steel
Stainless steel V4A
Traffic white

Product features

This product is suitable for retrofitting.

This product can be controlled with an app via smartphone or tablet.

Due to its splash-proof design (IP44), the product is suitable for basements, damp rooms and outdoor areas.

The product can be engraved with the Gira inscription service.

Flush-mounted variants for house facades.

Attached to the surface or built into the wall? With Gira System 106, you can opt for either a surface-mounted or a flush-mounted installation on your facade. Thus, the system blends in seamlessly at the entrance. To install your device, a facade module is integrated into the insulation so that thermal bridges can be prevented.  

system 106 unterputz
Design highlight at the entrance: the Gira System 106 as a flush-mounted variant.

Gira Keyless In fingerprint module.

Door intercoms within the Gira System 106 can now be upgraded with the Gira Keyless In fingerprint module. This allows you to open doors of buildings and single rooms without keys, using fingerprints that have been registered beforehand.

Door intercoms within the Gira System 106 can now be upgraded with the Gira Keyless In fingerprint module. This allows you to open doors of buildings and single rooms without keys, using fingerprints that have been registered beforehand. The system can store up to 100 different fingers to control who has access to your home (and at what times). Via the Gira Keyless In app, you can easily change the access authorisation settings for the fingerprints of every registered person. Retrofitting Keyless In for existing installations is just as feasible as combining different door communication modules. Depending on your individual requirements, the fingerprint module can be mounted either together with or separately from other modules. It also works as a stand-alone installation that is not attached to a door communication system.

The Gira Keyless In fingerprint module as a flush-mounted variant, installed below the Gira System 106 door intercom.

Install the system that meets your personal requirements.

The Gira System 106 is a modular system. Each module has the same uniform measurements of 106.5 x 106.5 mm. This means that all components can be combined and arranged vertically, horizontally, or in squares. Camera, hands-free function, or call button – all modules are based on the same smart technology. They can easily be inserted into the wall, covered and protected by a 3-mm front plate.

Gira System 106 in traffic white with camera module, speech module, and laser-engraved call buttons.

Gira door station module 106.

This is the smallest version of a full-fledged door station. It includes a hands-free system with an integrated call button, a high-quality microphone, and a weatherproof speaker.

Gira intercom module 106.

Communication between inside and outside – sounds good? Even better with this module thanks to a high-quality microphone. The weatherproof speaker and background noise suppression ensure excellent voice quality.

System 106 Kameramodul

Gira camera module 106.

The shatterproof pane of black glass not only looks good, but also protects the high-performance camera. High light sensitivity, wide shooting angles and backlight compensation ensure crisp, clear image quality – so you can see what's happening on your doorstep as clear as glass.

Gira info module 106.

This module is ideal for displaying your house number, street name, company logo or other information in an elegant and highly visible way.

Gira display module 106.

Talk, listen, or open the door? The Gira display module 106 shows the visitor what to do by means of easily understandable symbols.

Gira speech module 106.

A high-quality microphone, weatherproof speaker, and automatic suppression of backrgound noise make it easy to talk to visitors outside. 

Gira inscription service.

You want a door station with your name in elegant and clearly visible letters? With the Gira inscription service, you can customise your Gira System 106 online.

Letterbox and door intercom system all in one.

Add a visual highlight to your entrance: Gira System 106 intercoms can be integrated into Renz letterbox systems.

Gira System 106 in stainless steel with camera module and laser-engraved call buttons.

More living comfort both outdoors and indoors.

Th Gira System 106 door station serves as the counterpart to the Gira home station installed inside. Depending on your preferences, you can choose between two optins:

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